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Glia come in three varieties: microglia, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.
Gliosis and more reactive astrocytes than usual were seen, some accumulating eosinophilic droplets.
There was an increase in ROS production in astrocyte cells after exposure to 0.
Astrocyte intermediate filaments in CNS pathologies and regeneration.
Clinical aspects and pathology of Alexander disease, and morphological and functional alteration of astrocytes induced by GFAP mutation.
In the rat, the VGL is composed of astrocyte cell bodies from which arises one long thick process that spans the SO, and several horizontally oriented processes that form a dense network, and a short process oriented towards the pia.
Processes extending from an astrocyte can enwrap several nerve cell bodies or synapse with hundreds of neuronal dendrites.
Methods: Two groups of astrocytes cultured in vitro from the two cerebral cortices of the neonatal BALB/ c mice were selected and experimental group was treated with LPS (10 [micro]g/ml) for 24 h.
That is direct evidence that an astrocyte is not just a pretty face sitting around soaking up [neurotransmitters], but that it also plays a role in computation," Sur says.
The nuclei of Alzheimer type II astrocytes also contain deposits of a molecule called glycogen, which serves as a storage form of the sugar glucose in cells but typically is not found in the nucleus; it is unknown whether these changes affect astrocyte function, however.
This activation may be responsible for astrocyte activation and subsequent production of neurotoxins.
The prodrug mechanism of AV-101 supports critical functions of astrocyte (the most numerous non-neuronal brain cells), by delivering a significantly more potent and selective chemical variant of KYNA, a key regulator of NMDAR that is normally produced by astrocytes in the brain.
In particular, synapses might not be bipartite, but rather tripartite structures, comprised of the pre- and the postsynaptic terminals and the surrounding astrocyte.
1, a protein that allows the astrocyte to take in potassium through the cell membrane, in the astrocytes improved the mice's ability to walk properly.