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the branch of biology concerned with the effects of outer space on living organisms and the search for extraterrestrial life

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Astrobiologist Neville Nick Woolf used the Mereon Matrix to map the formation of matter starting with the Big Bang.
Using instruments aboard the Deep Impact spacecraft, a team of astronomers and astrobiologists has devised a technique to tell whether such a planet has liquid water, a major constituent for supporting life.
This was a huge gathering of professional astronomers, planetary scientists, geologists and astrobiologists, together with a smattering of space administrators, science popularisers and amateur astronomers.
The contributors range from noted Apollo- and Shuttle-era astronauts and scientists to writers, astrobiologists, and experts in these various realms, including undersea explorer John Chatterton of History Channel fame, filmmaker James Cameron, and Jean-Michel Cousteau, who continues his father's pioneering work.
When beginning the hunt for life on other planets, astrobiologists start by looking at what life on Earth needs to survive.
Many astrobiologists focus on finding the best ways to search for life on other planets, aiming to answer questions about life in space--Does it exist now, and did it ever exist in the past?
On the other hand, astrobiologists contend that evolutionary convergence makes intelligence likely, that once life is in place then it moves fairly quickly toward complexity.
Only this time, instead of looking for luxury liner artifacts, Cameron and a team of marine biologists and astrobiologists investigated deep-water creatures and their possible connections to life forms on other planets.
A small group of respected astrobiologists, led by the professor, believe the idea of bugs and viruses arriving on Earth from space is perfectly plausible.
He has assembled excellent experts in the fields outlined and edited an indispensable source for astrobiologists, medical researchers and astronautics experts alike.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Astrobiologists want to improve the way unmanned Mars probes detect condensed aromatic carbon, thought to be a chemical signature of astrobiology.
Astrobiologists had mostly ruled out older stars as places to look because rocky planets would be rare.
However, other NASA scientists and many mainstream astrobiologists remained skeptical.
High-school students sat next to medical doctors and astrobiologists.
According to astrobiologists, these meteor strikes can be dated to the Hadean and Archean eons - the first of the four principal eons in the earliest history of Earth.