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Synonyms for astringent

Synonyms for astringent

Synonyms for astringent

a drug that causes contraction of body tissues and canals

sour or bitter in taste


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tending to draw together or constrict soft organic tissue

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2019-119, the Original PorcelanaA(r) Astringent Improved Formula has been found to be positive for the presence of Hydroquinone and Tretinoin, ingredients that are not allowed to be part of a cosmetic.
It is commonly used as an astringent to help dry out pimples and shrink blemishes, in addition to dealing with eczema, dandruff, insect bites and burns.
Your skin is hydrated with the avocado and the tomato does the job of an astringent.
During the World Wars, when medicines were sent to the front for the benefit of the soldiery, herbs like shepherd's purse were used domestically as astringents and wound staunchers.
The evaluation of filter papers was made by visual analysis, where grades from 1 to 5 were given to each stamped fruit, namely: 1 = not astringent; 2 = slightly astringent; 3 = moderate astringent; 4 = astringent; 5 = very astringent.
Panelists found the samples containing whey proteins (W6 and W1) to be less astringent than the protein-free samples containing equal acid concentrations (A6 and A1).
Recently, the foundation selected two high-value cash crops astringent persimmon and mushroom for extension to local farmers.
Product recommendations were plentiful: night cream, the Ioma Youth Booster, exfoliating emulsion, astringent anti-wrinkle mask, eye cream, an exfoliating emulsion and astringent toning lotion.
Carrot Tops Carrot greens are bitter, herbaceous and astringent, with a hint of sweetness in the finish.
Persimmon trees classified broadly into two general categories: those that bear "astringent fruit" (whilst unripe) and those that bear "non-astringent" fruits.
In between Steven Osborne gives crisp and rhythmically alert performances of the Concerto for piano and wind instruments, by turns grave, astringent and jazzy; the quicksilver percussive Capriccio; Movements, one of Stravinsky's tedious incursions into serialism and the far more approachable Concerto in D which motors along enjoyably.
They say the astringent wine and fatty meat are like the yin and yang of the food world, sitting on opposite ends of a sensory spectrum.
3M[TM] ESPE[TM] announces the 3M[TM] ESPE[TM] Retraction Capsule, the first gingival retraction system that delivers astringent retraction paste using common composite dispensers.
It's rich in tannins and so highly astringent, which aids the colour pigment in sticking to the keratin on the hair shaft, making the colour last longer than with normal shampoos.
In addition Biore Revitalize 4-in-l Self Foaming Cleanser is now 4-in-l Detoxifying Cleanser, while its Triple Action Astringent has been renamed Blemish Treating Astringent.