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Synonyms for astringency

the ability to contract or draw together soft body tissues to check blood flow or restrict secretion of fluids


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The roasted malts used in Brains Dark - so strong Bill advised me to try just one or two grains - have an almost charcoal flavour, giving the drink its bitter astringency.
A great extraction would emphasize sweetness, first, and an absence of astringency.
A typical old-fashioned barrel-aged wine, with dried out figgy fruit, spice and heaps of astringency - all for pounds 12.
An initial biscuity sweetness in the flavour leads to a dry, bitter aftertaste with moderate astringency and rich, dark fruit flavours.
Tea and chocolate may actually work better together because tea, like chocolate, shares the same high notes, floral qualities and bite from astringency and tannins.
The result is a smooth, buttery cheese with a mild lemon astringency.
Flavours is another subject area with sections of sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, astringency, pungency, meatiness, fruitiness and synthetic flavouring.
A smooth taste with a slight hoppy edge and some vanilla and caramel overtones leads onto a little bit of astringency and dryness in the finish.
It's mote rare, is very highly prized, and it has a wonderful sweet fruity flavor, and rich full body with no astringency or after-taste.
Be warned, though, the acidity and astringency levels do demand food.
The smooth and sweet malts continue in the flavour and there is a slight astringency in the subtle hop finish.
We consider the use of soluble teas an art, and when executed properly into a formula they offer superior delivery of taste, astringency and color.
While I agreed with these qualities, I also found high acidity and astringency, and scored it at 13.
The dry, bitter taste, is followed by some sweetness leading to an increasing bitterness and astringency at the finish.
There was raspberry fruit with hints of chocolate on the palate, but greenness and a touch of astringency on the finish.