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being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars


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AIRPLANE: If flying, you are on your way to achieving your desires, may need a vacation, or are beginning to Astrally travel.
The vogue for impersonation portraits, in which everyday people posed as characters in their favorite plays--or more astrally, as goddesses, angels, or biblical heroines--was evident in pieces such as Zoffany's Garrick and Mrs.
Prue, the oldest, can astrally project and move objects with her mind - always a handy attribute to have - while Piper has the power to freeze time and the youngest, Phoebe, can see visions of both the past and the future.
To the astrally oriented Stoics, the precessional displacement of the entire cosmos implied the existence of a powerful, unseen god who resided beyond the stars and moved the entire universe according to his own timetable.
When I've got time on my hands and I'm in an imaginative frame of mind, I like to try and astrally project back through time and place myself in a recording studio when history is being made.