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Synonyms for astonish

Synonyms for astonish

to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

Synonyms for astonish

affect with wonder


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I let them both go with a celerity which to this day astonishes my memory.
I don't belong to this age; I have still one foot in the old one; it results that everything is strange in my eyes, everything astonishes and bewilders me.
The quantity of exertion (which is no exertion to me), the amount of business (which I regard as nothing), that I go through sometimes astonishes myself.
Captain Marryatt writes: "I do not know a spot on the globe which so much astonishes and delights upon first arrival as Madeira.
But what astonishes me more than anything is the fellow's candid confession of weakness.
This complete disappearance astonishes me, I tell you.
You have always a good reason for your opinions, but this astonishes me.