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Synonyms for astonish

Synonyms for astonish

to impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

Synonyms for astonish

affect with wonder


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The Astonish campaign has also been designed to aid the agency both find and keep new, prospective clients while continuing to widen the agency s reach all over the state of Texas.
PHILADELPHIA, March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Maturo Media, LLC of Philadelphia recently founded by former Lenfest Media Group VP Sam Maturo, created the Astonish America DRTV campaign after acquiring the exclusive DRTV rights in April of 2010.
EHI Trading International of Philadelphia has the exclusive rights to distribute Astonish for North America.
Maureen Ross O'Connell and Kevin Ross will join Astonish founders and principals Adam DeGraide and Tim Sawyer to prepare a video presentation for InsuranceJournal.
com)-- Insurance marketing and web services provider Astonish Results is psyched to announce the opening of a new 5,500 square foot Orlando, Florida office.
The Brazilian insists Nakamura is the team talisman and said: "Japan has now raised the sort of player who can astonish the world - Shunsuke is the one.
The Hulk officially takes over ``Tales of Astonish,'' which is renamed ``The Incredible Hulk.
Astonish* - Astonish software provides a foundation for new and advanced image processing technologies in molecular imaging and enables physicians to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis.
s'' last-act trip into surrealism, which recalls ``2001: A Space Odyssey'' in its ability to simultaneously perplex and astonish.
As for Net2000, our 98 percent retention rate for customers on our network is proof positive that we deliver on our mantra to astonish customers in every way possible.