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Synonyms for astonied

filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock

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Part 1, "Humanism and Its Discontents," includes: Catherine Loomis, "'Now began a new miserie': The Performance of Pedagogy in Nicholas Bretons's The Miseries of Mavillia" (21-32); Jerome de Groot, "'Euery one teacheth after thyr owne fantasie': French Language Instruction" (33-52); Deborah Uman, "'Wonderfullye astonied at the stoutenes of her minde': Translating Rhetoric and Education in Jane Lumley's The Tragedie of Iphigeneia" (53-64); Chris Laoutaris, "The Radical Pedagogies of Lady Elizabeth Russell" (65-86).
When thys was noysed about, the multitude came together and were astonied, because that every man heard them speake with his owne language.
In English, this sense that astonishment caused paralysis was reflected in a common poetic connection between the variant astonied and the word stony; (17) hence, when Eve returns from the Tree of Knowledge having eaten its fruit, Adam "amaz'd, / Astonied stood and Blank, while horror chill / Ran through his veins, and all his joynts relax'd" (9.
Which thyng when the Turkes behelde, they were marvellously astonied.
After that by devine providence, with so many travailes common and ordinarie to so long a Navigation, we were come to the maine land, not so soone as our hearts desired, which was the tenth day of November, and in stead of taking our rest, it behooved us to discover & seeke out proper places, to make or reare newe siedges [installations], being no lesse astonied or amazed, than the Troyans were at their arrival into Italie.