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Synonyms for astonied

filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock

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hee concluded with a question to my man concerninge a most notorious slaunder raised of your Lordshipe which my man astonied to heare and denyinge to bee true hee not withstandinge persisted in the affermacion sayinge it could not bee but true, for the reporte grewe from a Phisicion whome your Lordshipe vseth, and whome of late you haue preferred to the kinge .
When thys was noysed about, the multitude came together and were astonied, because that every man heard them speake with his owne language.
At her, astonied, youths and maidens all From house and field throng gazing, as she goes .
When "the captain of the helots" strikes such a blow upon the helmet of Musidorus/Palladius "that he reeled astonied," the prince seems finished.
In English, this sense that astonishment caused paralysis was reflected in a common poetic connection between the variant astonied and the word stony; (17) hence, when Eve returns from the Tree of Knowledge having eaten its fruit, Adam "amaz'd, / Astonied stood and Blank, while horror chill / Ran through his veins, and all his joynts relax'd" (9.
Which thyng when the Turkes behelde, they were marvellously astonied.