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any plant of the genus Astilbe having compound leaves and showy panicles of tiny colorful flowers

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Adding striking colour to any border, buddleja, astilbe and crocosmia 'lucifer' will keep everything in the garden rosy as the days cool
Epimedium, above hails from Europe, the US and Asia, while astilbe, below was first found in Asia
Today, our perennial beds in Minnesota are a collage of color and texture with plumes of pink and white astilbe and taller goat's beard, mounds of smooth-leaved bergenia, bold stands of hostas and spires of gold above toothed foliage of the Rocket ligularia.
Azaleas and camellias, gardenias and astilbes love acidic soil, as do blueberries.
The sort of plants that break up well like this Michaelmas daisies, astilbes, rudbeckia.
The smaller types can be grown with astilbes, foxgloves and taller campanulas.
Bog-loving plants, such as hostas, astilbes, gunnera, bog arum, Zantedeschia and lots of bamboos and ferns will also prove more tolerant in this weather so a damp area could be transformed into a beautiful feature garden.
There are irises too, probably sibirica or ensata, astilbes, caltha and, of course, water lilies.
APPRECIATE MORE ASTILBES and filipendula (meadowsweet) are two of the plants whose frothy flowers are often full of colour for weeks on end from July well into August.
Astilbes should be better known and used in shade gardens.
They make good plant partners with astilbes and other moisture lovers.
Astilbes, like hostas, need some moisture but will grow in surprisingly dry ground.
sibirica, hostas, day lilies (Hemerocallis), astilbes, and the marvellous scarlet Lobelia cardinalis.
There was a fashion in the 60s for planting great drifts of astilbes in all the colours they have to offer - creams, salmons, pinks, reds and mauves.
Bright, bold >and beautiful, astilbes come in a range of colours and this is the time to divide and replant to ensure a good show for nect year