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any plant of the genus Astilbe having compound leaves and showy panicles of tiny colorful flowers

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They thrive in a damp location and this specially priced pack includes two each of pink, red and white astilbes.
I also love caltha's yellow buttercup flowers and astilbes in shades of white and pinks.
Begin winter digging, adding well-rotted organic matter to improve the soil Complete the planting of all new evergreens, including conifers Lift and store maincrop carrots and potatoes Divide and replant waterside plants such as astilbes and trollius Prune autumn-flowering deciduous shrubs over three years old as they finish flowering Plant tulip and hyacinth bulbs nn Remove dead or decaying branches on established trees Continue to harvest kale, cabbages, turnips, swedes and Jerusalem artichokes Clear out and put away decorative containers that are not frost hardy
If you have a spare damp patch which has now become a mass of lush green growth, liven it up by planting the late-flowering astilbes with their plumes of tiny flowers - brilliant red, coral, pale mauve and pink.
From top, astilbes, filipendula and rodgersias, which produce beautiful seedheads
What to do this week DIVIDE and replant waterside plants such astilbes and trollius.
Then turn the poor drainage to your advantage by making a water garden and planting the muddy margins with marsh marigolds, astilbes and other flowers which love thoseconditions.
Astilbes will be grateful for the same treatment as will heleniums, day- lilies and oriental poppies.
Order over pounds 40 and receive six astilbes (False Goats Beard) - worth pounds 7.
Make sure you choose survivors like hostas (above), dogwoods, astilbes, bergenias, mints and ligularias for lowlying areas.
Divide and re-plant waterside plants such as astilbes and trollius.
Orders over pounds 40 will receive six astilbes (false goat's beard) absolutely free, p+p will be added to orders online.
Orders for more than pounds 40 will receive six astilbes (false goats beard) free, worth pounds 7.
Astilbes, hostas, ferns, Iris siberica, and Gunnera manticata all like their feet wet, but not submerged at all times.
THEY area perfect ground cover plant for a shady spot and look great planted with astilbes, candelabra primulas, alchemilla mollis, ferns and ornamental grasses.