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Asthma was such a funny thing (he insisted) that it would not worry him a bit to discover that I had come to take the presents instead of to take care of them
She was constitutionally subject to asthma, and, having warnings of the return of the malady, she was
Their religion was of a simple, semi-pagan kind, but there was no heresy in it,--if heresy properly means choice,--for they didn't know there was any other religion, except that of chapel-goers, which appeared to run in families, like asthma.
I was once consulted by a man troubled with asthma, who presented me with two alquieres--that is, about twenty-eight pounds weight--of corn and a sheep.
I forgot to tell you that the Shark was suffering from asthma, so that whenever he breathed a storm seemed to blow.
Some said that Doctor Boylston had contrived a method for conveying the gout, rheumatism, sick- headache, asthma, and all other diseases from one person to another, and diffusing them through the whole community.