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the lower layer of the crust

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Based on geochemistry, the geotectonic setting during the onset of volcanism could be characterized as attenuation and rifting of the continental lithosphere connected with asthenospheric mantle upwelling.
Robertson discusses the roles of asthenospheric shear, inherited lithospheric weaknesses, and slab pull from a neighbouring subduction zone as causative agents for Tethyan rift sequences now exposed in Oman.
For the numerical simulations we use the so-called isostatic model, based on the concept that the elevation of earth's surface seeks a balance between the weight of lithospheric rocks and the buoyancy of asthenospheric "fluid" (nearly-molten rock).
Never before have scientists found kimberlite rocks bearing telltale marks of asthenospheric pressures, although some finds may have originated at such depths.
The absence of a negative Nb anomaly suggests that the parent magmas were not derived from subcontinental lithospheric mantle, but more plausibly originated from asthenospheric mantle.