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the lower layer of the crust

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Subsequent upwelling of the asthenospheric mantle then induced widespread partial melting of the lower crust under 'garnet-present' conditions to generate the 'I-type' Jimmy Hill, Magaguadavic, and 'S-type' Tower Hill plutons (Fig.
The thinning of the lithospheric mantle yields a "void" space at the bottom of the lithosphere to be occupied by relatively low-density asthenospheric material (i.e, asthenospheric upwelling).
and Pysklywec, 2008; and Valera et al., 2008; 2011) introduced an initial setup 'ad hoc' to develop delamination by including a weak area playing the role of 'asthenospheric conduit' and an area of negatively buoyant lithospheric mantle.
Robertson discusses the roles of asthenospheric shear, inherited lithospheric weaknesses, and slab pull from a neighbouring subduction zone as causative agents for Tethyan rift sequences now exposed in Oman.
For the numerical simulations we use the so-called isostatic model, based on the concept that the elevation of earth's surface seeks a balance between the weight of lithospheric rocks and the buoyancy of asthenospheric "fluid" (nearly-molten rock).
and Kampf, H.: 2006, Seismic evidence for asthenospheric updoming beneath the western Bohemian
Never before have scientists found kimberlite rocks bearing telltale marks of asthenospheric pressures, although some finds may have originated at such depths.
(1996) argued that Silurian-Devonian granites in New Brunswick were likely derived by bulk assimilation of Mesoproterozoic Ganderian basement and Gander zone supracrustal rocks by an enriched asthenospheric melt.
This transformation of the lithospheric (and asthenospheric) mantle under central Spain has been associated with delamination of dense crustal blocks in the thickened Variscan collisional belt, which is supported by Sm-Nd isotopic signatures of pre-Variscan, Variscan and post-Variscan basic magmas (e.g., Villaseca et al., 2004; Orejana et al., 2008; Gutierrez-Alonso et al., 2011).
2002) as attenuation and rifting of the continental lithosphere connected with asthenospheric mantle upwelling.
Mylonitic texture is observed in the basal peridotite whereas going upward asthenospheric microstructures predominate.
The Paipa--Iza volcanic complex dated as 1.9-2.5 Ma (Pardo et al, 2005) is also a possible consequence of the slab tear mechanism, with the nascent tear providing a path for ascending asthenospheric material.
Defant and Kepezhinskas (2001) propose that slab melting and adakite production can also occur near tears in the subducted slab, which also facilitates asthenospheric upwelling.
The tensional regime allowed an intense and volumetric magmatism due to an easier conection to the asthenospheric mantle.
It is associated to the intracontinental rifting of the western margin of the Neotethys, over an asthenospheric mantle source (Lago et al., 1996; Bastida et al., 1989).