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the lower layer of the crust

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Our analysis supports the prevailing view that most of the heat is generated in the asthenosphere, but we found that volcanic activity is located 30 to 60 degrees East from where we expect it to be," said Christopher Hamilton of the University of Maryland, College Park.
Something has to decouple the crustal plates from the asthenosphere so they can slide over it," says Schmerr.
1957, Shadow zone, travel times and energies of longitudinal seismic waves in the presence of an asthenosphere low-velocity layer, Trans.
Even more dramatically, this heat source would also cause mantle rocks to migrate laterally in the asthenosphere hundreds of kilometers out from Iceland ([ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] on page 36).
A joint analysis of heat flow transfer in the sedimentary cover and the underlying lithosphere and asthenosphere is applied to better reconstruct their thermal and maturation histories.
Numerous theories have been proposed, and one of those was that a melt-rich layer lubricates the boundary between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere, allowing the crustal plates to slide.
This slow convective overturning, in a region called the asthenosphere, may swallow whole oceans' worth of crust but has hardly touched most cratons.
Healy and Kusznir provide an example of how upward divergent flow of asthenosphere can provide admissible models of margin evolution, exemplified by the Goban Spur margin of NW Europe, a little to the north of the Iberia-Newfoundland conjugate margin.
A tectonic environment with hot asthenosphere approaching a fertile crust, coupled with ongoing extension in a back-arc setting, is ideal for generating high melt fractions by dehydration melting if muscovite or biotite or hornblende are present in the source (Thompson 1999).
The lithology, properties, and geological relations of these rocks are key to understanding such varied phenomena as convection in the earth's mantle, melting and transport mechanisms in the upwelling asthenosphere beneath mid-ocean ridges rock deformation and alteration, the sources of magnetic anomalies in ocean basins, and hydrothermal circulation and formation of ore deposits.
Although the lithosphere is a basic building block of the plate tectonics theory, its nature, its thickness, its boundary with the asthenosphere (LAB) are still matter of heated debates.
The boundary between the rigid lithosphere and the softer asthenosphere proved to be much more pronounced than was previously believed.