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Synonyms for asthenic

lacking strength or vigor

having a slender physique

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Three secondary factors were also obtained: asthenic syndrome factor (anxiety reactions--the sum of anxiety, phobias, hypersensitivity, depression and obsessive-compulsive tendencies); conversion syndrome factor (conversion reactions--the sum of cardiovascular, inhibitory, gastrointestinal and hypochondriac tendencies); and the factor of asthenic or aggressive-antisocial syndrome (aggressive reactions--the sum of impulsive, paranoid and aggressive tendencies).
We observe the negative correlation between the asthenic and the sthenic experience (-0,485), which prove the contrary positions of these two types of religious experiences.
Key symptomatic characteristics of the Soviet asthenic syndrome were generalized weakness, reduced work capacity, concentration and memory problems, irritability, headaches, insomnia, and anorexia.
Inpatient rehabilitation improved functional status in asthenic patients with solid and hematologic malignancies.
After a month he returned asthenic with loss of appetite and chemotherapy could not be per- formed because of hepatic cytolysis (AST 372 IU/L ALT 864 IU/L).
The direction of changes, both in cities and in rural areas, characterised by an increase in body length and a decrease in weight-at-birth, resulted in a more asthenic constitution of neonates in 2010.
On examination, she weighed 29 kg, was eupneic, eucardiac, febrile, pale, malnourished, with anasarca, asthenic, and unable to walk without bilateral support.
Pregnancy, Platonov argued, was characterized by a "lowering of the tone of the cerebral cortex," which "heightened suggestibility mainly with respect to everything that concerns childbirth and asthenic emotions (fear, anxiety, etc.
Thus, he concluded that there is an "affinity" between the pyknic type and the cyclothymic-cycloid-manic-depressive, and between the asthenic and the athletic types and schizothymic-schizoid-schizophrenia (Kretschmer 1925:206-218).
These features include a combination of respiratory symptoms with signs of asthenic and neurotic syndrome, the absence of seasonality of the exacerbations, resistance to standard treatment methods, clinical signs of hypoxia and intoxication, lymphadenopathy.
The scale included ideational sphere (presence of constant or intermittent thoughts about the drug, flashbacks and imaginations), affective illness and autonomic disorders, dynamics of sleep and pain syndrome as well as behavioral and asthenic disorders.
The patient was apyretic but asthenic and reported a 10kg weight loss.
New data on the therapy of asthenic conditions (clinical prospects for the use of Rhodiola extract).