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the region of interplanetary space between Mars and Jupiter where most asteroids are found

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The result is an independent check on other estimates for the moon's age, and it suggests that the asteroid belt can provide important clues to the timing and nature of major events in the inner solar system when planets were forming.
Dawn was the first spacecraft to orbit a body in the main asteroid belt when it explored the giant asteroid Vesta from 2011 to 2012.
Both Vesta and Ceres orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter, in the main asteroid belt.
This is the first time water vapor has been unequivocally detected on Ceres or any other object in the asteroid belt and provides proof that Ceres has an icy surface and an atmosphere," said Michael KEaA-ppers of ESA in Spain, lead author of a paper in the journal Nature.
Chris Grant, trainer of Asteroid Belt "He stepped up to win on the course last time out and he's got to step up again now.
It's the first orbit of a celestial body in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Between which two planets is the asteroid belt situated?
It possesses a rocky asteroid belt identical to the one that lies between Mars and Jupiter, and an outer ring of icy material similar to the Kuiper Belt at the edge of our Solar System.
The majority originate in the Asteroid Belt, but certain rare types come from the moon and Mars.
A fascinating and detailed study offering an iconoclastic commentary that rejects traditionally naturalist and materialist assumptions to account for the presence of the asteroid belt in our solar system, Joseph P.
NASA's Dawn spacecraft lifted off for an eight-year mission to the asteroid belt this morning.
Astronomers call it the asteroid belt, and they think that it contains scraps of rock left over from a time when the planets formed nearly 5 billion years ago.
ON THE FIRST DAY of the nineteenth century, an Italian astronomer by the name of Piazzi discovered the asteroid Ceres, one of the thousands of minor planets revolving around the sun in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
But every failure was a learning experience and subsequent missions ventured to probe the sun, go beyond the asteroid belt, went on to Jupiter, Saturn, and finally out of the solar system and on to the stars.
They are small rocky objects that move in elliptical orbits in the main asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.