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(mineralogy) a star-shaped figure with six rays that is seen in some crystal structures under reflected or transmitted light

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(astronomy) a cluster of stars (or a small constellation)

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A nice V-shaped asterism is situated 30' towards the east of the galaxy.
when oracle bone inscriptions mention asterisms later marking the quadrants of the year, such as the "Bird star" identified with the later "Red Bird.
The author's faithful Streicher asterisms are always a blessing to fall back on.
Budding astronomers will learn about the life cycle of a star, discover asterisms such as the Big Dipper, locate 23 constellations in the night sky, make a night-vision flashlight, and even perform a binocular fusion experiment.
By slightly blurring each nocturnal cityscape, Lofstrom's projections teeter between abstraction and figuration; illuminated streets and buildings structure these novel asterisms while traffic, ads, and carousels become falling stars, red dwarfs, and supernovas.
For each constellation there are diagrams that show how to find the brighter NGC objects as well as some of the variable stars, asterisms and clusters.
71) Note that at this early epoch--the Shang and Zheu periods--the apparent stellar motion of the sun along its ecliptic path around the new year period would have carried it through the western asterisms Capricorn and Aquarius, which occupy, alongside Pankenier's proposed Ding [?
One of the first asterisms searched out during observations so far is also a close neighbour to alpha Arae and is situated 1.
The division of the known world according to lunar asterisms seems to have been an ancient tradition among astrologers; it is found in the V[a.
Asterisms in various forms are among the most interesting groupings and searching for them in the star-field is most rewarding.
The sun, moon, stars and asterisms, some speed along, some move slowly; the sun and the moon differ, and thereby complete their movements.
Exciting" is the word when asterisms are found in many forms that represent images of sorts.
At the outset of the English translation of Weber's "heilige Schriften," "the Editors beg to acknowledge much valuable assistance kindly given by Professor Leumann, of Strassburg, in taking this paper through the Press; and the translator adds his acknowledgments for assistance of the same scholar in respect of the translation from the German, also for some additional notes distinguished by asterisms with the initial L put after them" (IA 17 [1888]: 279, n.
She and Jenni Kay of Australia are still collaborating on writing an observer's book of southern asterisms and open clusters.
These personified asterisms are then linked to the cardinal directions (east and west), to seasonal activity for which they anciently served as harbingers (the carrying out and in of the hearth fires, marking the beginning and end of the agricultural season),(19) as well as to the dominant political entities of the archaic period (Shang and Xia), their successor states, and the hereditary lines of astrologers and calendrical specialists who served them.