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Synonyms for asterisk

a star-shaped character * used in printing

mark with an asterisk


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But if your worksheet contains asterisks and you want to replace them with 4s, you need to tell Excel to cancel the asterisk's wild card attribute by placing a tilde ('~) before it like this: ~*
Now Find and Replace produces this screen, replacing all the asterisks with 4s:
Lexique de la prose latine de la renaissance offers a new perspective on this, since Hoven employs the single asterisk to denote "latin medieval" about 1600 times.
Speaking on the launch of this new service a representative said that the company has a well established and trained workforce of Asterisk developers who have gained mastery of the platform.
Asterisk Service offers customized Asterisk development for entire systems, purpose built software, specific applications and modules.
Asterisk provides an open source platform for a variety of VoIP solutions with seamless performance and abundant features.
AsteriskService, a leading VoIP solution provider and a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, has announced Asterisk software development and customization to provide enterprise-grade VoIP communication solutions to the global clientele.
Speaking on this occasion, a spokesperson at AsteriskService explained the purpose of offering Asterisk software development services with these words, "Asterisk is one of the most preferred open source communication tool kits that provides the maximum flexibility in VoIP-based communication methods irrespective of geographical distance.
Asterisk developers are trained to work under pressure and give the customized asterisk solution as per client requirement on stipulated time frames.