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Synonyms for asterisk

a star-shaped character * used in printing

mark with an asterisk


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He had looked out all the pictures to which an asterisk was affixed in those formidable pages of fine print in his Badeker; his attention had been strained and his eyes dazzled, and he had sat down with an aesthetic headache.
But what I need to replace is a bunch of asterisks in an Excel worksheet and replace them with some data.
But if your worksheet contains asterisks and you want to replace them with 4s, you need to tell Excel to cancel the asterisk's wild card attribute by placing a tilde ('~) before it like this: ~*
Hoven adds asterisks to words found earlier than the Renaissance: three asterisks denote "latin classique," or the period up to about 200 A.
Asterisk developers are trained to work under pressure and give the customized asterisk solution as per client requirement on stipulated time frames.