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not static or stable

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Three expedients to minimize thermal emf have been used in the design and construction of the keys 0 and shunt, namely (1) the choice of materials for the key springs and the contacts which are thermoelectrically near to copper; (2) the design of the key to be "thermoelectrically astatic ", that is, with soldered junctions and abutting contact points symmetrical with respect to such heat flow as cannot be avoided; and (3) the inclosure of the key in a shell made of material of good thermal conductivity which distributes any heat which reaches it, this heat being then transferred uniformly from the inside of the shell to the key.
Companies included in this study are Sennheiser, AKG ACOUSTICS, Audio-Technica, Sony, SHURE, Rode Microphones, Behringer, SOMIC, Lane, Akai, Ampex, Astatic, Audix, Beyerdynamic, Blue Microphones, Core Sound LLC, DPA, Earthworks, Editors Keys, Electro-Voice, Gauge Precision Instruments, Inc, Georg Neumann GmbH, Grundig, GSA AUDIO, Heil Sound, Horch, iSK Microphones, JZ Microphones, Lauten Audio, LINE 6, MIPRO, Motorola, NTi Audio, REMIC Microphones, TRAM and TSL Products
Incidence of cerebral metastases in patients treated with trastuzumab for met astatic breast cancer.
If you fancy something on an even grander scale, you can opt for astatic caravan and buy yourself a holiday home in Scotland.
Doctors in August 2006 diagnosed Alex with a severe form of epilepsy called Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy, also known as Doose Syndrome.
By closeness we mean the position of the signal of controlled variable, where the number of astatic elements between this variable and the error input is minimal (Balara, 1989b).
As part of its reorganization, TSC will remain committed to its branded supply business, while restructuring around its core company-owned branded products, including its market leading Astatic microphones and Wilson and Francis antennas, as well as the fast growing Mistic e-cig product offering.
In addition to sourced products, Barjan is the owner of many leading aftermarket brands servicing the professional truck driver including: Astatic, Wilson and Francis.