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not static or stable

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It has been reported that ketogenic diet is superior to new anticonvulsant drugs in patients with myoclonic astatic epilepsy which is one of the myoclonic epilepsies of genetic origin (22).
Circulating tumor cells, disease progression, and survival in met astatic breast cancer.
The pendulum is equilibrated with an additional astatic spring suspension.
He runs the channels, is good in the air and gets behind the defence - he's certainly not astatic player.
Moreover, in the Western Iranian area around what was later to be Parsa and its environs, tombs have been identified, supporting the widely held view that Mazdaism was imported from Central Astatic Iran to Western Iran at a relatively late date.
Undefined SGE was present in 28 (37%), 32 (43%) had West's syndrome, 4 (5%) had Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and 9 (12%) had myoclonic astatic epilepsy.
Sarah was diagnosed with rare Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy in July.
Rita Tracey came with a Carbon Rod, They were quite an Astatic Pair, Clara Buckel came with Mr.
Lamb uses an Astatic JC30 microphone, fed through a variety of valve amplifiers, achieving an excitingly grainy, roughshod sound.
Three expedients to minimize thermal emf have been used in the design and construction of the keys 0 and shunt, namely (1) the choice of materials for the key springs and the contacts which are thermoelectrically near to copper; (2) the design of the key to be "thermoelectrically astatic ", that is, with soldered junctions and abutting contact points symmetrical with respect to such heat flow as cannot be avoided; and (3) the inclosure of the key in a shell made of material of good thermal conductivity which distributes any heat which reaches it, this heat being then transferred uniformly from the inside of the shell to the key.