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The good omens of security and safety are now clear before our eyes", he said assuringly.
58) Most assuringly, Scripture teaches that in our weakness the Spirit helps us.
5-litre turbo charged petrol engine delivers an assuringly sporty note via the exhaust while extracting some excitingly feisty pace from its 147bhp.
The room has an understated efficiency to it, with the staff quietly but assuringly beavering away, right down to the table service.
including by aerial bombing"; "Welcomes the intention of the Secretary-General to deploy 80 per cent of UNAMID by 31 December 2008"; and, assuringly, "Decides to remain seized of the matter".
The car holds the road exceptionally well and it handles assuringly on tight, twisty routes with little hint of breakaway tendencies.
What my father did not understand was that no matter how assuringly he winked at me over the bowed heads, death is ultimately a problem of the imagination.