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Synonyms for assuredness

the fact or condition of being without doubt

Synonyms for assuredness

great coolness and composure under strain

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Albion man of the match: Neil Clement - played with assuredness and authority.
All the assuredness of last week's win over Aston Villa seemed to be lost as the Blues struggled to cope with a limited Watford side's admirable enthusiasm.
Being in the second week of a Grand Slam gives me a lot of assuredness and I feel positive.
His assuredness was in marked contrast to France's Yann Delaigue who looked nervous on his return to the international stage.
Despite the effects of jet-lag, he rode the wave of questions and camera flashes with all the calm assuredness and cheeky confidence that comes from making 50 appearances for your country.
A brief review cannot do justice to the remarkable tension between the strain of the content and the assuredness of the poetic voice.
All the ingredients then for any aspiring storyteller but it still takes hands with the assuredness of a Ray Clemence to weave them together to satisfy the expectations of those Bill Shankly described as "professional" football supporters over the course of 90 minutes (naturally).
Al-Hawaj expressed assuredness and optimism about the future of Bahraini familial firms which have proven their perpetual intactness and dynamism and the capability of grandchildren to learn latest advanced management sciences whilst upholding the wisdom and moral ethics of the forefathers.
8: Sean Maitland is a real dark horse HE nearly got the first try, but everything this fellow did oozed confidence and assuredness.
Pat's advertised their growing assuredness by brushing aside Crumlin and, though they lost in Cork in the EA Sports Cup since, their league form going into tonight reads WWWDWWW.
His assuredness, ability and easy personality have made him a favourite among the team's hierarchy, while commentators rave about his batting.
com and provide the most complete guarantee and sense of assuredness that in the remote possibility someone contracts the flu, that they will be able to redo their vacation at our expense -- and not just once, but three times," said Fernando Garcia, Director General of Real Resorts.
The record, the stuff we've won together, the assuredness that he transmits from himself to the back four, is great.
With three more crucial games to play, quality will be the key and in this reticent, consummate professional, Rangers have a dedicated winner who quietly goes about his business with assuredness and quality.
Not so much for his defensive qualities - his replacement Phil Jagielka did all right in that department - but for his assuredness on the ball.