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Synonyms for assuredness

the fact or condition of being without doubt

Synonyms for assuredness

great coolness and composure under strain

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Self assuredness tracked salaries, but the bigger effect on confidence was the wealth effect of the decade.
Such has been his consistent calm and assuredness, even the colourful Austin Healey might have pulled his head in under the Scot's canny guidance.
He did it well considering the pressure he was under going into the game, and the goalkeeper's assuredness seemed to inspire his back four which defended well as a unit throughout.
This volume has a calmer feel, more assuredness, than any previous Vollmann book.
But Barzak balances his story's supernatural aspects, which he delivers with simple assuredness, with the uncertainties and complexities of adolescence.
He did it admirably on Saturday, slotting his penalty goals with real assuredness.
It will help you get buy-in from stakeholders and decision makers by giving them the assuredness that you have reduced as much risk as possible and not left any holes in your plan.
is completed with confidence and assuredness (underwriters know what to do and when to do it).
At this point, and only really at this point, is there enough personal sense of security and assuredness that a possibility might arise, through all the mists of critical analysis, of an object whose logic will be sufficient to allow it to surface in public, ex vitro, out of the confines of the designer's laboratory.
Ethan Mao is a satisfying step forward from Lee's previous feature, Drift, and he has developed a remarkable assuredness as a director and editor.
Compared to Le Confessionnal's luxurious assuredness and mandarin pronouncements, Le Polygraphe is a kind of virtuoso stutter.
Both Maggie's self assuredness and Kate's worry are feelings I often encountered on the first day of a new Kindergarten or First Grade session.
But when you watch Najimy and Gaffney, bobbing their heads or rolling their eyes, finishing each other's sentences with the comic assuredness of practiced comedians, you realize what really marvelous performers these two ladies are.
It is the new year and, as is the custom for many of us who make their living retailing words, an opportunity to look back on the year that was, or with less assuredness, predict what may happen in the year to come.
There's an assuredness that spreads throughout the back four.