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It is his pleasure,'' answered Gurth, ``that they be concealed; and from me, assuredly, you will learn nought of them.
Assuredly I did not regret this circumstance: if sorrow had any place in my heart, it was that he was gone at last--that he was no longer walking by my side, and that that short interval of delightful intercourse was at an end.
I often took great delight in watching that evidence of my handiwork; and sometimes, when I was myself assuredly safe, the sight of it caused me to laugh.
Something has assuredly been discovered; but nobody knows what.
President Obama will almost assuredly be able to implement his recently-concluded nuclear deal with Iran.
In a moving message to the nation the King calls for Ernest and continues prayer that we may be wordily matched with this new summons of destiny, and the response of people of all classes will assuredly be fervent.
45 million tonnes since mid-November, NGFA said, with the shipments diverted to other buyers that "most assuredly would have negotiated a discount.
With the new deal with MTN, Telkom will assuredly save money on the operational front.
However he will assuredly not face the future of the roughly one in eight in sub-Saharan Africa who die from malnutrition by the age of five, nor that of the 20,000 children per day who die from malnutrition.
Doug would most assuredly havea approved of promoting travea l by this type of transport.
And most assuredly the parents of a good few youngsters arrested last August What hope for any child sired and conceived by such oafs?
The convoluted instruction manual she consults when the chaos rains down will assuredly inspire dA[c]jA vu in all modern families.
He proclaims in John 8: "Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave to sin .
It avoided major blood vessels by a a fraction of a centimetre, otherwise she assuredly would have died.