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Synonyms for assurance

Synonyms for assurance

a declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

the fact or condition of being without doubt

the quality or state of being safe

a firm belief in one's own powers

Synonyms for assurance

a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something

a statement intended to inspire confidence

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The review teams focused on the elements of our quality assurance system dealing with engagement performance and compliance monitoring.
Financial assurances were not adequate to pay all estimated costs for required reclamation for 25 of the 48 operations because (1) some operations did not have financial assurances, despite BLM efforts in some cases to make the operators provide them; (2) some operations' financial assurances were less than the most recent reclamation cost estimates; and (3) some financial assurance providers went bankrupt.
The DoD mandated the use of evaluated IT products in October 2002, with the issuance of DoD Information Assurance Directive 8500.
Seven hundred ninety-two members of the Australian Shareholders' Association each examined two randomly selected reporting formats (from the five reported above) and answered questions about the level of assurance perceived in each report.
If you have Windows 2000 and Office XP, then you should merely purchase Software Assurance before Feb.
Notice that element #4 has been expanded to include a specific statement: "The plan of correction is integrated into the quality assurance system.
In many institutions, private practitioners are required to give rather freely of their time to perform quality assurance activities without financial remuneration.
com/reports/c90941) has announced the addition of "Green Quadrant: How To Select A CSR Assurance Provider" to their offering.
The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) released in July its first international standard on assurance engagements.
Excellence in Ambulatory Care: A Practical Guide to Developing Effective Quality Assurance Programs.
NEW YORK -- Following yesterday's rating downgrades of Radian Asset Assurance Inc.
And the launch of the SysTrust assurance service ("Reporting on Systems Reliability," JofA, Nov.
The ultimate mission of quality assurance is to enable us to manage quality.
86 (TX) GO waterworks & sewer system unlimited tax bonds series 2004 (insured: Radian Asset Assurance Inc.