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Synonyms for assume

Synonyms for assume

to put (an article of clothing) on one's person

to take on or give a false appearance of

to take for granted without proof

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for assume

take to be the case or to be true

take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities

take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect

take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person

occupy or take on

seize and take control without authority and possibly with force

make a pretence of

take up someone's soul into heaven

put clothing on one's body

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Fitch assumes a base case default rate of 24.0% and a 72.0% default rate under the 'AAA' credit stress scenario.
OUR LDF, as proposed by Kirklees planners, assumes rates of economic growth which seem increasingly detached from reality.
While consultative leadership is one on one, collaborative leadership assumes that it is a group that is moving toward a decision.
* Romeo Kreinberg, executive vice president, Performance Plastics and Chemicals, assumes oversight responsibility for Dow's corporate marketing and sales function.
In addition to Poussot's current responsibilities for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth R&D, he now assumes leadership for the Wyeth Consumer Healthcare and Fort Dodge Animal Health divisions of Wyeth.
A: There is no real good way to determine the age of a tree, other than actually counting the annual rings on the stump, but even that assumes solid wood all the way to the core.
If one assumes vaccine efficacy of 95%, an attack rate in susceptible contacts of 5%, and 4 contacts per patient, 1 secondary case is prevented for every 18 cases detected; if attack rates are 30%, then 1 secondary case is prevented for <5 index cases detected.
A lattice model assumes the price of stock underlying an option follows a binomial distribution, a type of probability distribution in which the underlying event has only one of two possible outcomes.
>Determine the Acquisition Date The acquisition date may be the closing date (the date that the acquirer obtains the assets and assumes the liabilities of the acquiree) or another date.
752 and prescribe rules to prevent taxpayers from manipulating the liability rules to create artificial losses when a partnership assumes a partner's obligations.
Regression analysis assumes functionality, and in this case linear functionality.
This is evident in both examples, since Iqbal assumes a participant in this rhetorical brilliance and this pulsating ritual: the believer--presumably in this case himself--who responds to these aspects of Islam in his particular way.
Fairchild would like his particular perspective to get broader coverage; Barlow assumes that the great unwashed are too dumb, busy, or lazy to be proactive enough to be well-informed citizens on a wide range of issues.