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Synonyms for assume

Synonyms for assume

to put (an article of clothing) on one's person

to take on or give a false appearance of

to take for granted without proof

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for assume

take to be the case or to be true

take on titles, offices, duties, responsibilities

take on a certain form, attribute, or aspect

take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person

occupy or take on

seize and take control without authority and possibly with force

make a pretence of

take up someone's soul into heaven

put clothing on one's body

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In each case, assume the employee commences employment at a new work location after September 1998.
In an authoritarian style, one assumes that correct knowledge and wisdom reside in the person of the leader where major decisions should be made (an assumption of the leader, often supported by some or even many of the followers).
Julie Fasone Holder, corporate vice president for Public Affairs, Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion, assumes executive oversight for Dow's activities in Latin America.
Hypothetically, assume that a tax preparation practice that was sold engaged in improper practices and procedures--such as encouraging clients to take a particular tax position that was very aggressive and/or wasn't adequately supported by the law or claiming unsubstantiated tax deductions.
BAPCPA also changes the treatment of the claim that a commercial landlord has against bankrupt tenants when they initially assume the lease but then reverse course and reject it.
16) Don't assume that you or your staff have to be experts in every area of export activity before you can get started, instead supplement your internal abilities with externally supplied know-how.
The VAR approach in the FRB/US model assumes that households and firms form expectations primarily on the basis of their knowledge of the historical interactions among three variables: the federal funds rate, the cyclical state of the economy, and the rate of inflation (see box "The Forecasting Model for VAR Expectations").
If you are 50 to 60: Assume that your benefits will be 75% of what they would be today.
Assume that teams in the surgical suite or the emergency department are the same as management teams.
Huston, executive vice president and chief credit officer, will assume responsibility for commercial, national, commercial real-estate, asset-based lending and specialized lending.
We further assume that the oxidation reaction is governed by a first order rate equation.
The supporters of these GATT revisions assume that there is no longer any possibility of escape from the global economy, and furthermore that there is no need for such an escape.
Let's assume we are talking about what is in fact the most likely multi-layer bottle structure today, shown in Fig.
Penske will assume responsibility for UnitedAuto's Brand Management Group, which interfaces with the OEMs, and will have oversight of our construction partners in addition to managing the operations of the Eastern Region.
However, it would be advisable for taxpayers to assume the amount they pay to settle an obligation will have to be capitalized as part of the cost of acquiring the assets.