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Synonyms for assuagement

freedom, especially from pain

Synonyms for assuagement

the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced

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34) For us, however, the most important point is the most obvious one: though officially suppressed in the calendar in the Elizabethan Prayer Book, All Souls' Day was still remembered as the day when the dead communicate with the living--a day given over to remembrance of the dead and the assuagement of their grief.
The span between the doing of the damages and the application of the claimed assuagement is too vague.
Examining representations of the war in terms of dirty realism's 'non-metaphoric style', Joanna Price detects a 'sense of loss' in American consumer culture for which the mere 'metonymy of objects and images' provides only temporary assuagement.
His genius for assuagement and reconciliation began to surface earlier than one would perhaps readily notice.
This very same displacement, by denying those made socially redundant virtually any hope of a social remedy for their plight, leaves them with little else for the assuagement of their misery, frustration, and justified resentment than they can get from whatever will temporarily alleviate them; drugs or alcohol or mindless aggression.
For in fact, the hospital was my salvation, and it is something of a paradox that in this austere place with its locked and wired doors and desolate green hallways--ambulances screeching night and day ten floors below--I found the repose, the assuagement of the tempest in my brain.
The feminine power of resistance becomes something to be conquered or assuaged, or more precisely conquered through assuagement.
On the one hand, man would have woman young; on the other, he would have her age without assuagement, brave in a kitsch Gethsemane.