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Synonyms for assuagement

freedom, especially from pain

Synonyms for assuagement

the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced

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These lines represent the book's most hopeful scene of poetry as assuagement--as more than assuagement, as genuine renewal.
In opposition to Rose, and despite their lingering doubts, William and Neaera finally experience moments in which a relationship with the Other, if only temporarily, affirms a workable sense of identity and an assuagement of their anxieties about being in the world.
Near antonyms include comfort, consolation, and solace; alleviation, assuagement, ease, and relief; peace and security (distress, 2011).
was to provide for a religious act that involves the utmost piety towards the Supreme Being on behalf of an indefinite number of His creatures, and the object of which is to bring to them spiritual assistance, consolation and comfort, vastly surpassing the mere physical assuagement of pain or suffering that would incontestably be admitted to rank as an ordinary charity.
Similar relationships and positive female interaction act as sources of assuagement to suffering women's psyche and life.
However, he dismissed this clause as something verging between appeasement and hollow assuagement. Regardless of the uphill struggle, he and the two other MPs who rejected voted against the bill must now undertake in achieving something more similar to the situation of Greece, he expressed confidence that there was still the possibility for something to be done.
Kolnai stresses that the "core of Un-Dignity" does not include "either submission to the existing order of things and the virtue of patience, or a sustained endeavor for reform, improvement and assuagement."
It is obvious (from the last inequality) that for assuagement of this stage it is necessary [[kappa].sub.r] to be decreased.
More than any other mode of libidinal pulsion, the erotic desire generated from within such a matrix would be primarily a separation anxiety which seeks assuagement in its primordial maternal container.
The normal way parents get their children to love them is to terrorize them, to say to them in effect: "Because I am not dropping you, because I am not killing you, this shows that I love you, and therefore you should come for the assuagement of your terror to the person who is generating the terror you are seeking to have assuaged." The above mother is rather hyper-normal.
In a world of limited time and imperfect information, it is likely that state representatives look for certain cues regarding which blocs are the most in need of assuagement. The calculation to assuage is likely the result of the representative's desire for re-election, which becomes difficult to fulfill if a large constituent bloc (is) alienated.
(24) Biting the lip, touching the nose or the back of the neck, jiggling a foot or leg, tugging at ears, or wringing hands often are misunderstood as evincing mendacity when, in fact, these merely reflect the assuagement of tension or nervousness.
What Liang Ching shows is that before the awareness of a communal past can deliver the assuagement of a shared burden of sorrow, there is the loneliness attendant upon loss to be reckoned with.
But you can aim at ever more justification, the assuagement of more doubt" (p.
(34) For us, however, the most important point is the most obvious one: though officially suppressed in the calendar in the Elizabethan Prayer Book, All Souls' Day was still remembered as the day when the dead communicate with the living--a day given over to remembrance of the dead and the assuagement of their grief.