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the repetition of similar vowels in the stressed syllables of successive words


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In the concluding sonnet, spiky consonance and straining assonantal rhyme transport the poet through the time and spaces of our lives:
The translator is therefore forced to vary the rhyming scheme, resorting to partial or assonantal rhymes, and "in desperation" he admits to having "simply ducked for cover and run?
9) Her enjambed lines, alliterative pauses, and internal rhyme or assonantal chimes project the sound incrementally and thereby imitate this energetic collective heaving up of Mary's carnality, which becomes a 'fireman's lift' of 'teams of angelic arms', a baroque collusion of paint, plaster, parapet and squinch, arch and architrave:
Each of the three forces, violent in its way, is represented by a dominant sound: the philosophers by the initial alliteration /p/in prurient, pinched, poked, the scientists by the assonance in naughty, thumb, prodded, and religion by the assonantal /i:/ in scraggy, knees, squeezing and conceive.
old tricks, new tricks, puns, portmanteau-words, paradox, allusion, paromasia, paragram, catachresis, slang, assonantal rhymes, vowel rhymes, sprung rhythm.
We are told Shakespeare delighted in alliterative, assonantal, and anagrammatic semantic strings.