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the repetition of similar vowels in the stressed syllables of successive words


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For one thing, it culminates a latent assonantal pattern of short vowels followed by a fricative: "this" (in line 1), "live" (2), "is" (3).
Some of this is probably filtered through the songs of Moore and certainly through the assonantal patterns of Clarke but this is no substitute for the missing soundscape.
occurentibus', 'praedicatorum pusillus plano'] and an assonantal chiasmus ['divinis scriptures et sanctorum doctrinis'].
This passage, replete with strong assonantal inflections upon the echoing o and e sounds, and the chiming rhyme of "grateful" and "tremble" (underlining the paradoxical feeling of satisfaction and disquietude) displays Bradley's need to transmute this event, to see it in entirely poetic terms.
In his early years as a poet, Thomas had after all been fascinated by the challenge to reproduce the intricate alliterative and assonantal patterns of Welsh-language cynghanedd poetry in English, and his experiments had helped sharpen his sensitivity to "morphemes and phonemes" (Davies, Gororau'r 163 ff.
Yes, it's succinct and has a pleasingly assonantal ring but the implicit accusation, that Mr Blair habitually surrounds himself with sycophants, would scarcely stand up as a scandalous character flaw even if it could be proved.
The fact that Frost's choice of modifier is driven primarily by his ear--he's after the assonantal "sweep/ Of easy wind'--doesn't mitigate its conceptual freshness.
20) Much of the poem's verbal energy, however, issues from particular kinds of phonetic heightening, including internal rhyme ('cursed at first') and repeated consonantal and assonantal chiming.
Jesse falls apart when his third novel, "I Was Looking for a Street" (an assonantal play on "Black Sheep"), is also rejected by his publishers.