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the repetition of similar vowels in the stressed syllables of successive words


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The displayed sequence of VLSs was arranged via the difficulty level (Word card [right arrow] Flashcard [right arrow] Chinese assonance [right arrow] Antonym [right arrow] Synonym [right arrow] Imagery [right arrow] Grouping [right arrow] Clipping).
Similarly, in "Nothing more than Life," Krolow directs us to picture "a trifle like / interrupted handwriting / in a school-book more than / forty years ago," before taking us down the dark paths of "violence, hand-wringing, / headshaking and frugal / feelings" before the sinister final line: "It's time to get ready." Even if we don't consciously notice that the rhythm in these short lines is created by the consonance of repeated t sounds in "It's time to get," the assonance of repeated short e sounds in "get ready," and repeated long i sounds in "trifle like," we certainly hear a rhythmic pulsing beneath the surface of his words.
CHILDREN in the east of Cardiff have been testing their skills of rhyme and rhythm, assonance and alliteration in an area-wide poetry competition for Year Five pupils.
While Kavanagh's prose makes an effortless impression, it is actually very carefully crafted, with plenty of alliteration and assonance, wordplays, contrasts, colloquialisms, and strategically placed repetitions, all of which make it a joy to read.
Summary: Nicolas Artuso-Royer's "Carte Blanche" begins with a few minutes of sweet assonance. The Istanbul-based linguist and musicologist props his oud on one knee and begins a lyrical little improvisation.
In Torture Garden, the earlier of these two collections, alliteration and assonance not only contribute to, but in many ways define, the possibilities for interpretation associated with a given piece.
Assonance too, with its repeating vowel sounds, is ascribed to with great resonance and musical cadence.
Assonance in language: finding my teeth caked in the soil of land,
However, there are other things you can use in English, such as alliteration and assonance, which to some extent can be employed to provide an echo at least in the reader's mind of the sound of classical Arabic," Davies said.
I can't translate him, as I hesitate to translate rhyme and it is nearly impossible to reproduce consonance and assonance. I find that the words emphasized by the repetition of sounds change so completely in translation that a rhymed translation often loses content, in order to give a pathetic illusion of formal similarity to the original.
Triple assonance was a common theme in Anglo Saxon or Old English alliterative verse, wherein you could hardly move for lines like: A fair field full of folk || found I there between.
Desert Orchid was destined to be named Desert Air, until Weatherbys rejected the name because there was already a horse called Desert Heir and the assonance was reckoned to be too confusing for commentators and pundits.
Pakistan and Sri Lanka would take early action to activate the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assonance in Customs Matters.
This area was brought up on music and the assonance is more important than the dialect, the flat sounding 'brass'.
Assonance, with which alliteration might be confused, is defined by the authors as "the effect created by like-sounding vowels" (p.