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the repetition of similar vowels in the stressed syllables of successive words


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In addition to rhyme, alliteration and assonance can be explored.
BEIRUT: Nicolas Artuso-Royer's "Carte Blanche" begins with a few minutes of sweet assonance.
The redolent tonalities conveyed in Osundare's verse are produced through a deployment and application of phono-aesthetic elements as lexical matching, repetition, parallelism, tonal counterpoint, consonances, assonances, alliteration, and other allied sound symbols and images such as ideophones and onomatopoeia.
In French and German this happens primarily through assonance (as was already available to the folk and archaic national traditions).
His mastery of form, sequence of thought, and assonance in a poem that uses the theme of religious music is extraordinary.
Desert Orchid was destined to be named Desert Air, until Weatherbys rejected the name because there was already a horse called Desert Heir and the assonance was reckoned to be too confusing for commentators and pundits.
Two large tapestries with white backgrounds, coming after those enormous ones with black backgrounds seen at the 2010 Whitney Biennial, are called Milan Hazy 1 and Milan Hazy 2 (all works cited, 2011), the English words recalling through assonance the Italian name for the inhabitants of Milan: Milanesi.
Pakistan and Sri Lanka would take early action to activate the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Administrative Assonance in Customs Matters.
This area was brought up on music and the assonance is more important than the dialect, the flat sounding 'brass'.
Assonance, with which alliteration might be confused, is defined by the authors as "the effect created by like-sounding vowels" (p.
I use assonance, which repeats vowel sounds in a line; alliteration, which repeats the first letter of words; ending consonant sounds; and refrains.
Her poems cry to be read aloud as she orchestrates them with alliteration and assonance.
Listening for green involves "allowing rhyme, alliteration, and assonance to divert the sense of hearing from its rational work" (203).
Qazi Hussain's barbs about the assonance between "the corps and crore commanders" and Altaf Hussain's assertions regarding "more corruption being coupled to more funds" were never investigated.
Cliff Diving": A fury of collage and assonance, we paw at limestone--scale the/mouth of Frey's rock.