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characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

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Theorem's Multi-CAD solution can be run on the fly from within the V5 or V6 interface or batch processed for improved efficiency with large volumes of data for tighter integration and closer associativity.
These beacons are used to update the associativity table of each node.
algebra, and strong associativity of group algebras ([3], [12]).
Updates to either part geometry or process parameters are easily accommodated by GibbsCAM's full associativity across geometry, process, and toolpath.
In perhaps the first systematic study of structural asymmetries in any individual language, they take Romani as an example, and examine such structures as number, person, gender, discreteness, transitivity, orientation, and associativity.
There is no data translation between these applications, design and information associativity is maintained across applications, and the user interface is consistent and similar throughout.
Full associativity is offered through all the company's manufacturing software.
Continued enhancements of XpresRoute for tubing, designed to deliver overall relationship control and associativity.
Associativity allows a user to modify a job's geometry or machining parameters and immediately get an accurate, updated toolpath.
Once the sketch is complete, the resulting wire-frame data uses its associativity to interrogate the underlying surface data when creating run-off and draft surfaces, etc.
After reviewing several 3D packages, TomoTherapy selected SolidWorks mechanical design software because of its ease-of-use, large assembly capabilities, associativity, 3D visualization features, and large number of tightly integrated add-on products for animation, rendering, finite element analysis, etc.
Figure 3 presents i-cache miss rates on single-thread execution for size and associativity values closed to the Alpha 21264 i-cache topology (cache lines are 8-instruction long).
The modified nonverbal task and the associativity of length task investigated the quality of students' structures of organizing activity by noting the complexity of grouping relationships abstracted among and between object sets (i.
With associativity, when one thing changes, the geotmetry of all other attached things also changes automatically and accordingly.
SURFCAM's powerful associativity enables NC programmers to open native SolidWorks 2013 files directly into SURFCAM 6, completely eliminating the translation process.
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