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characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination

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Bidirectional associative memories, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Vol.
If there exists at least a non-trivial subset S [subset] L such that (S, x) is an associative subquasigroup in L, then L is called a Smarandache quasigroup (SQ).
Also, unlike their relational counterparts, associative databases don't need to be physically reorganised as the structure of data within them changes.
Rubins's piece is made from what is immediately recognizable as salvaged scraps of small aircraft, not jets, but the work can't help but blur with the hijackings in the heavy associative haze hanging over virtually every aspect of culture.
They provide convenient libraries for lists, associative arrays, strings, regular expressions, and I/O.
State, Society and Democracy in Morocco: The Limits of Associative Life.
to challenge ideologies hostile to associative polity while concealing the internal divisions of such polity" (164); in his representation of the witty verbal and social interactions of Cisti the baker with a prominent Florentine (6.
These two visual pathways in the brain work as one big system in associative learning," says Christian Buchel of the Institute of Neurology in London, lead author of the report.
A technical paper titled "Using associative and associated thickeners in waterborne formulations" discusses optimizing the theological properties of latex-based paints by using various blends of thickeners.
He will evolve into an increasingly human-like companion who is both entertaining and helpful," said Jozsef Kiraly, President and CEO of Associative Cognition, Inc.
With the ability to directly access source data stored in Hadoop for QlikView Direct Discovery queries, customers will gain high performance big data access with all of the associative analysis options of QlikView Business Discovery.
Expected Results : The intermediate outcomes of this project include: Improved sustainable competitiveness of farms agro-forestry-pastoraland their associative enterprises in which women have greater access and control over natural and economic resources; Improving access to local, regional or international markets for agro-forestry-pastoral farms through their associative enterprises; Increased integration of key stakeholders (eg, companies in the extractive sector, municipal and departmental authorities) in support farms agro-forestry-pastoral and their associative enterprises in value chains identified.
The forum seeks to share views on local associative dynamics, discuss partnership between local governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in managing cities' affairs, present the first series of associative projects as part of PAGUDEL and develop recommendations to enhance the role of the civil society in local governance.
Rochdi Chraibi a indique que la Fondation s'inspire, dans sa conception de l'action associative, des Hautes orientations royales et des initiatives avant-gardistes de SM le Roi Mohammed VI, qui placent le developpement humain au coeur de tout developpement integre et durable.
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