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(psychology) a theory that association is the basic principle of mental activity

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The creativity is studied as a general phenomenon expressed in different spheres of life (including language learning): from the philosophical (Nikolko, 1990), psychological (Sternberg, 1988; Ponomarev, 1986; Bogoyavlenskaya, 2002), humanistic (May, 1994), associationistic (Fasko, 1999), behaviourist (Skinner, 1973), cognitive (Ellis and Hunt 1993; Anderson and Krathwohl, 2001) points of view.
In contrast, the experiential system is holistic, affective (pleasure-pain) oriented, involves associationistic connections, encodes reality in concrete images, and is more rapid in processing but more slowly changes than the rational system.
This corrective information, viewed initially within an associationistic framework as a contingent event, strengthened correct responses through positive reinforcement and weakened incorrect responses through nonreinforcement.
The experiential system is assumed to be automatic, preconscious, holistic, associationistic, primarily nonverbal, and intimately associated with affect.
Furthermore, it has been argued that compositionality and systematicity in neural networks arise from an associationistic substrate acquired from evolution.
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