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capable of being associated

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I think many aspects of the call to rehumanise the world by opening avenues for migration and for productive interaction are associable with cosmopolitan thoughts.
The Prick has a negligible circulation in areas associable with M's other sources of supply, London or Oxford.
Indeed, it is precisely this latter field where Schulenberg feels most comfortable: as a true performer-cum-scholar he differentiates with impressive clarity between features associable with Dresden, Berlin, Leipzig, or Halle, respectively, and provides a stylistic survey not merely of the Bach family, or even the Bach circle, but of several other greater and lesser figures of German music life in the first half of the eighteenth century.
Heisenberg as a consequence of the operator formalism of wave mechanics, on which relies the quantum theory: the wave function [psi] = [psi](x, t) replaces the lack of definable quantum values of x concurrently associable to the conjugate [p.
On the other hand, Alex-Li is described as an associable child of twelve who spends all his spare time at his father's surgery as if he senses Li-Jin's imminent death.
Cela semble associable a la position d'apprentissage qui peut etre percue comme invalidante et qui incite la grande majorite de ces patients a abandonner cette modalite de suivi.
You could imagine that he wanted to create artwork that allowed him to incorporate features which were more associable with earlier art.
Informed by an investment in the continuing, critical pertinence of certain modernist prescriptions and filmic practices, the paper proceeds ultimately to address the enormity of the associable phenomena of postmodernism and digital imaging, the implications of which regarding cinema are, arguably, fatal.
A complete sensibility and understanding does not of itself determine whether any appearances to it or any of its perceptions are associable.
leprae -recombinant proteins and additional longitudinal studies are needed in order to fully assess the cytokine response patterns that may be associable with different disease states.
But the sublimity of dark genesis is not only associable with cosmic and subatomic revelations of this sort.
By referring to a literary analogy, Alexander argues that the culturally-specific combination of the generic 'patterns' lead to different 'pattern languages' associable with different contexts.
80) Interpretation beyond this point is speculative and there is also uncertainty as to whether individuals associable with the nominally described identities (Carian and Torrhebian) actually promulgated or accepted the information presented by Xanthus.
The organicity Pirandel lo is aiming at is that of a structuring action systematically playing with difference, with the matching of distant situations, with the possibility of associating that which, according to natural laws should not be associable.
62) Here nourishment combines evanescence, levity, air, and body, a mixture more associable with laughter than digestion.
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