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capable of being associated

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Informed by an investment in the continuing, critical pertinence of certain modernist prescriptions and filmic practices, the paper proceeds ultimately to address the enormity of the associable phenomena of postmodernism and digital imaging, the implications of which regarding cinema are, arguably, fatal.
But the sublimity of dark genesis is not only associable with cosmic and subatomic revelations of this sort.
62) Here nourishment combines evanescence, levity, air, and body, a mixture more associable with laughter than digestion.
In encoding mnemonics, the learner recodes new information so that it becomes more associable.
It is, however, not known whether the extent of acid secretion in Indians is associable with the high prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia.
Of all the artists associable with the concept of "Romantic Conceptualism" minted by critic Jorg Heiser in 2002--from Douglas Huebler to Bas Jan Ader to Tacita Dean--the Papendrecht (near Rotterdam)-born, currently New York-based van der Werve arguably swings closest, and most perilously, to the "Romantic" side of the classification.
Yet further drawings associable with Annibale copying Correggio after this particular putto's figure in the Dresden sheet exist--a sheet of damaged surface and of apparently inferior quality (E.
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