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the capability of being easily associated or joined or connected in thought

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A theory of attention: Variations in the associability of stimuli with reinforcement.
Thus it is not associability but the turnout in elections that must serve as an indicator for organisational stability.
Schmitter points out, liberal associability has a built-in bias that favors the more resourceful sectors.
We argue that the use of morality in the construction of organizational communities is one of the means used to create, as Leana and Van Buren suggest (1999), a resilient trust (referring to deep and ongoing reciprocal values), thereby creating conducts which enhance cohesive ties and associability (that is, in the words of Leana and Van Buren (1999: 541), 'the willingness and ability of participants in an organization to subordinate individual goals and associated actions to collective goals and actions').
Additionally, there are economic components of center efforts, namely to foster skills in income generating activities and to provide employment skills by cultivating team-work and associability, as well as to increase women's access to public services.
Equally important, much of the writing on civil society, including Ibrahim's, devotes scant attention to informal associational life in the urban lower class where the bonds of associability are more likely to be personal and reciprocal than contractual.
At the time of the coup networks linking state and society barely existed and levels of political associability were low: in the 1960s only 7 percent of the economically active population of Peru and 10 percent of rural families were unionized; less than one-half of a sample of lower-class urban settlements and only approximately 5 percent of peasants in various communities considered themselves members of a political party (McClintock,
Although this effect might be described through various associative mechanisms, the predominant explanation is based on Mackintosh's (1975) proposal that the amount of associability or attention allocated to a cue in a given trial depends on whether this cue was or was not the best predictor of its outcomes in the past.
Clearly more evidence is required to determine whether higher primates demonstrate differential behavior and associability to serpent-like stimuli, but as things stand, a special status for such stimuli has not been established and movement of any kind seems to be a particularly salient attribute.
Spanish version of the Revised Social Anhedonia Scale (RSAS) (Fonseca-Pedrero, Paino, Lemos-Giraldez, Garcia-Cueto, Villazon-Garcia, & Muniz, 2009), consisting of 40 items in a True/False format measuring schizoid indifference, associability, lack of pleasure in social relationships and indifference toward others.
They also describe the antecedent conditions of time and stability, interdependence, interaction, and closure that lead to family firm social capital, as well as explain how social capital might lead to unique information access and associability capabilities.
In this regard, the necessity of the associability of the sensory manifold is a conditional necessity, holding between that manifold and any self-conscious human subject.
The importance of state intervention for explaining business associability is underscored by a comparison of the Dutch data with that from the U.
Some learning theorists have stated that CS-alone extinction results in a decrease in attention or associability (Pearce & Hall, 1980).
According to this theory, associability of contextual cues will be reduced during contexts pre-exposure, as they are not better predictors of the US than other stimuli present in the situation, so that it will be unlikely that they enter into association with the US at the time of conditioning (see also Pearce & Hall, 1980).
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