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Synonyms for assist





Synonyms for assist

to give support or assistance

the act or an instance of helping

Synonyms for assist

the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

(sports) the act of enabling another player to make a good play

act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function

Related Words

work for or be a servant to

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Two in-person assisters had problems with keeping appointments.
A fake GAO applicant was able to get help from one in-person assister.
Third, we need more assisters who have technical expertise and better training.
8)) State policies that impose limitations or additional requirements on assisters generally fall into three categories: who can serve as an assister, how assisters do their work, and what is required to become an assister.
For example, through the call center, with an in-person assister, with an agent or broker, a web broker, directly through an insurers, with the paper application, online through HealthCare.
HHS says that brokers can't be navigators, and states are saying that brokers can't be in-person assisters.
About 47 percent of the brokers said all, nearly all or most of the individual health clients they helped during the open enrollment period this year were returning clients, compared with 33 percent of the other assisters.
NCOIL is not asking states to get exchange navigators and assisters as agents or brokers, but it is asking states to ensure that navigators are qualified and trained; subject to background checks; and subject to policing and enforcement by state insurance regulators.
Producers have argued that they usually know more about the market than newly trained assisters; that they usually carry professional liability insurance; and that they must abide by strict, complicated business rules that do not always apply to exchange assisters.
Delaware -- a state with a partnership exchange program -- is setting up a Marketplace Assister (MPA) program to supplement a federally run exchange navigator program.
HHS officials have suggested that in-person assisters will be paid workers who will work with individuals who need face-to-face help with filling out exchange plan paperwork.
Nevada's exchange, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, says it has received about 20 applications from individuals and organizations that want to serve as navigators, enrollment assisters or certified application counselors and expects to present the final selection results May 9, at a board meeting.
Exchange managers are hoping to recruit about 3,600 "assister enrollment entities" and about 21,000 individual assisters.
In Minnesota, the Navigator and Agent/Broker Work Group is talking about creating a category of "in-person assisters.
received Assister grants from the Health Benefit Exchange Authority to support the