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Synonyms for assist





Synonyms for assist

to give support or assistance

the act or an instance of helping

Synonyms for assist

the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

(sports) the act of enabling another player to make a good play

act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function

Related Words

work for or be a servant to

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Many organizers, advocates, and assisters have been active throughout the summer, raising awareness about enrollment and working to prepare for a successful enrollment cycle.
Commonwealth finds that five FFM states prohibit entities that get any kind of reimbursement from insurers from serving as assisters, even if that payment is not associated with enrollment assistance activity.
Such restrictions purportedly protect consumers from being pushed to a given plan simply because their health care provider contracts with that plan; however, the ACA already has clear directives about unbiased assistance, and existing federal regulations expressly prohibit all assisters from receiving compensation from health plans on the basis of enrollment.
Despite the experience and client demographics that make family planning centers prime candidates to be assisters, federal funding has been concentrated toward the network of federally qualified health centers.
15) Many sites are using the funds to train or hire new staff as assisters, purchase or upgrade needed technology and create resources promoting their availability to connect clients to coverage.
RELATED ARTICLE: Making a Difference as Enrollment Assisters
Missouri's navigator law is another extreme example that excludes health care providers from becoming assisters, imposes state-specific licensure requirements, allows only agents and brokers to discuss plan details or comparisons, and disallows assisters from talking to individuals with existing private coverage.
Although the state has appealed the decision, Gianino says that the ruling has given their assisters more freedom to do their work.
In addition, they clarify that although states can still establish their own standards for enrollment assistance, they cannot impede assisters from engaging in enrollment assistance activity.
Director of Public Policy Jennifer Allen believes they and other assisters in Washington are now at the forefront of taking on a more labor- and resource-intensive "second wave" of enrollment, and says the more demanding nature of enrollment assistance work "is something we should all be thinking about.
Within a matter of weeks, two of the organization's own staff had received the required training to become certified assisters.
Filling in gaps in consumer assistance: How exchanges can use assisters.
These assister programs share many features with navigator programs.
The enrollment tour launch event in Spokane was held in partnership with the local lead in-person assister organization, Better Health Together, and took place at the NATIVE Project and NATIVE Health, a key community health provider that is part of Washington Healthplanfinder's Tribal Assister Program.
The Exchange has also awarded $420,000 in grant funding to five organizations as part of its Tribal Assister Program.