assisted suicide

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suicide of a terminally ill person that involves an assistant who serves to make dying as painless and dignified as possible

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Of the WMA's 109 constituent National Medical Associations, 107 oppose Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide, Dr Gannon said.
assisted suicides are legal in California, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Vermont and Washington state.
People requesting assisted suicide while fighting terminal illnesses are typically afraid, struggle with hopelessness and clinical depression, and have low family support.
Assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington state, the District of Columbia, California, Colorado and Vermont.
There will be three options faced by health boards and new integrated joint boards as well as families - chemotherapy or - radiotherapy, PS5000 a PSweek; palliative care, PS3000 a week; or assisted suicide, PS5 for one dose of barbiturate.
This ensures that cases of assisted suicide are rare - less than 20 cases a year cross the desk of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the whole of England and Wales.
CATHOLIC DEMOCRATS representing blue-collar constituencies sponsored legislation banning assisted suicide each year from 1992 to 1996.
Yet it is Kevorkian and his "suicide machine," not Oregon's law with its careful limitations, that became the dominant image of assisted suicide.
Recent newspaper polls show around 75% in favour and 50% willing to help others who wish to have an assisted suicide.
The RCN had a formal position to oppose assisted suicide but changed that to a neutral stance yesterday.
THE controversial subject of assisted suicide will be discussed at the 20th Rural Doctors Conference in Mid Wales this year.
Summary: Assisted suicide campaigners have won the backing of a former Health Secretary.
The percentage of Americans saying assisted suicide is morally acceptable has averaged 49%, with a low of 45% and a high of 53%.
Advocates for the legalization of assisted suicide in the United States, including those who sponsored Oregon's Death with Dignity Act in 1994 and current backers of California's proposed Compassionate Choices Act, have sought to permit the practice only under highly limited circumstances--namely, when the requesting patient is terminally ill.
Finally, some critics worry that those who are merely depressed will find it too easy to receive assisted suicide, thus ending their lives when they may only need a new prescription medicine or a compelling hobby.
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