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Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

Synonyms for reproduction

recall that is hypothesized to work by storing the original stimulus input and reproducing it during recall

copy that is not the original

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the act of making copies

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Thus to talk about a right to assisted reproduction does not mean that individuals have claims against the community but rather that procreation is an individual and social good, such that individuals and societies share mutual accountability for the welfare of children and the human flourishing that having and raising children may bring.
A spokesman for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), said: "We always closely monitor developing research in assisted reproduction, but it is important to respond to the broad direction of scientific progress rather than make sudden changes on the basis of individual studies.
The director of the Cardiff Assisted Reproduction Unit has warned that the future of the donor insemination (DI) programme is being jeopardised by new rules which no longer allow men to donate anonymously.
The results of a very large Danish national cohort study should be reassuring to parents who seek assisted reproduction, but the data can't be interpreted as a blanket approval to conceive multiple pregnancies during the process, according to study investigators Dr.
His account shows that improper methods of accountability and control are prevalent in the world of assisted reproduction.
This latest use of PGF has once again raised concerns over what should constitute ethically acceptable assisted reproduction.
The California state senator who introduced legislation to regulate assisted reproduction technologies is Tom Hayden, not Tom Haydn.
From a barrage of assisted reproduction techniques through all manner of support groups and the maze of adoption, Nick and Miranda nearly destroy themselves and each other.
The assisted reproduction unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital have taken the step of writing to local employers for help.
In some instances, Congress and state legislatures have moved to regulate assisted reproduction practices.
Written by 122 internationally renowned experts, Assisted Reproduction Techniques follows the patient's journey throughout the whole ART process, with chapters on:
Contract notice: Service for the realization of techniques of assisted reproduction in ambulatory regime to beneficiaries of the murcian health service.
But the miracle of life was on full show at the weekend at the assisted reproduction unit at Hartlepool Hospital, which uses the latest technology to help couples from across Teesside to conceive.
The finding is based on the analysis of more than 50,000 births recorded in the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Technology Database between 2004 and 2008, where the introduction of an SET policy has been associated with a reduction in overall perinatal mortality for IVF and ICSI babies.
Choices women make; agency in domestic violence, assisted reproduction, and sex work.
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