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Skilled nursing company The Ensign Group (NasdaqGS:ENSG) reported on Tuesday the completion of the acquisition of the underlying real estate of 15 assisted living operations located throughout Wisconsin.
Some of the anxiety about the afford-ability of assisted living can be dispelled by understanding current costs and profiles of residents living in this setting.
First, it combines his own research, primarily on assisted emigration from the West of Ireland in the 1880s, with data from a host of secondary sources to survey nearly all the assistance schemes, private and official, that were implemented between the early 1800s and the end of the nineteenth century.
First, capitalization rates started to come down for the best-run assisted living properties.
In his latest book, ``Freedom to Die - People, Politics and the Right-to-Die Movement,'' Derek Humphrey, co-founder of the Hemlock Society, the oldest and largest pro-euthanasia and assisted suicide group in the United States, says that it will be the unspoken argument for assisted suicide - cost containment - that will ensure the eventual passage of laws legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia.
Because of New York City's dearth of existing assisted living product, and plentiful pent-up demand from wealthy New Yorkers reaching retirement age, many companies have announced their intentions to penetrate the New York City assisted living market with new development in the past few years.
We can bring challenges against bans on assisted suicide under state constitutions.
Nevertheless, pro-lifers should not forget two very important things in their favour: the 1994 Supreme Court of Canada decision rejecting Sue Rodriguez' request for physician assistance in committing suicide; and the 1995 Special Senate Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, which, while wrong on some points, still recommended against Parliament's legalizing such practises.
But rather than forcing them to re ink their support for the right to assisted suicide, AIDS activists say, the good news on the drug front has only convinced them further that the right is needed.
In A Chosen Death, Shavelson has two agendas: to profile five people (three with terminal illnesses and two with disabilities) who wanted help in ending their lives; and to argue for the legalization of assisted suicide.
Assisted living operators can take heart that occupancy is continuing to show signs of improvement.
The State of Seniors Housing 1997 summarizes data from fiscal year 1996, compiled from a survey of 268 seniors housing communities in 36 states, comprising more than 55,000 congregate/independent living units (for residents who require little, if any, assistance with daily activities); assisted living beds (for residents who need some help with the activities of daily living) and long-term care beds.
In The Netherlands, euthanasia and assisted suicide by physicians have been essentially decriminalized and account for 3.