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Besides, I knew that my assistant was a good man, and that he would see to anything that turned up.
His assistant struggles in a sea of aggressive young men carrying note-books or upholding cameras and wearing bowler hats and enterprising ties.
Makar Alexeevich has the list," answered the assistant.
A few weeks after that, when my mother had supplied herself with an assistant, I became the wife of Edward Weston; and never have found cause to repent it, and am certain that I never shall.
The assistant secretary had heard of Caproni and his discoveries, but admitted that he never had taken much stock in the one nor the other.
Two men, Cathcart and his assistant, who was only a boy, were lounging in low chairs.
This he had accomplished after her return from a vacation, by retaining her substitute as an assistant.
Much less could he know the training that for six years Del Mar, as assistant, had been taught to give the animals, and, thereby, had received for himself.
That," said the Assistant Pocketer of Deposits, "is one of our liabilities.
I took with me Robert Lorrie, assistant to the Fiscal.
There were a couple of long old rickety desks, cut and notched, and inked, and damaged, in every possible way; two or three forms; a detached desk for Squeers; and another for his assistant.
Amy Hill, shop assistant, was next called, and deposed to having sold a will form on the afternoon of the 17th to William Earl, under-gardener at Styles.
His assistant, a lad Anna did not know, had no sooner opened the door to her than she came in, and pulling a three-rouble note out of her muff put it hurriedly into his hand.
Candy's assistant when I turned, and looked at him.
The thought that when called urgently to his Assistant Commissioner's private room he had been unable to conceal his astonishment was distinctly vexing.
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