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Synonyms for assimilative

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

Synonyms for assimilative

capable of mentally absorbing

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capable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution

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The developing countries have some responsibility to deal with these spillovers, but at most only in relation to standards appropriate to their own assimilative capacities as well as to their proportionate contribution to common environmental problems.
Assimilative capacity is one of the principal factors affecting a country's choice of environmental quality.
Again these two factors were significantly correlated, suggesting that higher levels of lack of support were related to higher levels of assimilative behavior ([beta] = .
For two centuries his people had almost lost themselves under assimilative pressures from traders, missionaries, and government authorities.
1983; Simon 1985), in this study, we focus on the assimilative capability of the firm.
Decorum was, of course, an important code word for assimilative practices that reflected nineteenth-century (Christian) ideals of beauty and propriety.
India has embraced these diversities, not out of circumstantial compulsion but due to its innate assimilative nature," he said at the function.
To collect the data about learning styles, "Kolb's Learning Style Inventory" which was established on four fundamental quadrants including Accommodative, Divergent, Assimilative and Convergent was used.
O'Neill contends, in line with the assimilative manner of Joyce and much of Joyce criticism, that the expanding "polyglot Joyce system" shapes a "macrotext" of Joyce that yields new meanings and new interpretations.
to assimilative capacity of the receiving environment, fate and transport of key pollutants in the effluent stream and socioeconomic
Taken together, these three chapters show how Soviet power was never total over things human or otherwise, no matter if the impulse was assimilative or aggressive.
Again, Sangster reveals that these documentaries became more tolerant of Indigenous culture, though they maintained a tendency toward assimilative storylines.
Such information could be crucial for initial-value and assimilative models providing operational space-weather forecasts.
While elements of the narrative are very like those of the Lorik-Chandaini ballads of eastern Uttar Pradesh and central India, the Candayan is a complex text containing Indian and Persian generic set-pieces such as the barahmasa, a poem describing twelve months of separation from the beloved, or the sarapa, a head-to-foot description of the beloved, woven into the narrative in a way that Behl describes as "both assimilative and competitive" in order to create "a distinctive Sufi poetics of prema-rasa, a desi Islam" (p.