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capable of taking (gas, light, or liquids) into a solution

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Natives' rate of participation in assimilating activities was 1.
What was missing is the flip side of the coin, the impact of assimilating all these immigrants.
Living the American dream requires learning the language, engaging the culture, joining the economy -- that is, assimilating.
If there is a tendency to have acid reflux, it is wise to refrain from eating several hours before bedtime, and to walk for ten minutes or more after meals to assist the body in assimilating food.
The most notable proponent of this viewpoint was anthropologist Manuel Gamio, who headed up a newly established government department charged with understanding and assimilating Indians.
Choosing to document a "scene" far removed from Goldin's own, Harlan reflects with real acuity on documentary, self-representation, and the position of the photographer: "Just as Goldin's friends are assimilating avant-garde movements of the past, these reenactors are assimilating the rebellious movements of their ancestors.
It meant that every program and policy of the American government, even in modern times, would be based on destroying the "old ways" as a way of assimilating us into the mainstream.
Building that order will require treating nations outside of it as "aggressors," and forcibly assimilating them.
It's theater by the people, for the people--the only way to change art is to make it more accessible," says Landry, whose 15 plays--including Rosemary's Baby: The Musical and Joan of Arkansus--are designed to question gender stereotypes and the assimilating gay culture.
Brodie doesn't gloss over the downside and hardships of assimilating women into the macho culture of VMI.
Next Wave's mission, to present "contemporary work that repositions our understanding of these specific art forms," is attained by the union of Ek and Lyon Opera Ballet dancers, who, despite ballet training, are accustomed to assimilating the different styles of contemporary choreographers.
Jews are assimilating into the American melting pot, much in the pattern of other immigrant groups.
Conversely, Northern painters and artisans often traveled to Italy, if seldom assimilating the outlook until the sixteenth century.