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able to be absorbed and incorporated into body tissues

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The process-dependent variables were taken according to the quality indexes used in super-phosphate manufactures, such as the assimilable phosphorus content, free acidity and humidity.
The dead culture is challenged not by rhetorical judgment but by assimilable occurrences.
While values obtained from April to June have exceeded the assimilable standard of DENR, these values now, compared to previous studies, especially by Zoleta in 2012, are much smaller with peak at 146.
from Syria (2,276 annual births per 100,000 population) or Iraq, with a similar birthrate, 2,695 per 100,000 -- a more congruous and assimilable choice than trying to accommodate migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.
They are a rich source of easily digestible and assimilable protein which is essential for the repair of tissues, nerves, and cells.
Consequently, from 1938 to 1965 Mexicans were "redefined" as brown and "not white"--and those processes evolved in relationship with Japanese and Chinese being redefined as hard working, unthreatening, assimilable "knowledge workers" necessary to a new economy.
It is most important to mention that live yeast cells are high in coenzyme Q10 in a natural, easily assimilable form.
Hence, the snow altimeter is better assimilable to existing measurement networks.
Dans sa decision, le President Levac a souligne qu'il avait ete largement etabli que << la violation du secret budgetaire n'est pas assimilable a une question de privilege >> [traduction].
Green leafy plants are the best source of assimilable calcium.
Social workers and government officials, believing stereotypes about white Europeans as hardworking and assimilable, used data selectively to "prove" that immigrants were not likely to become dependent on relief.
1) The colostrum serves as first natural vaccine as it contains all the nutrients in definite proportions, easily digestible and assimilable.
In this practical manual she sets out to analyse what can be a very complex process into its discrete parts in a clear and easily assimilable structure.
It was certainly also due to his increasing Russian nationalism, to which he felt, most, or many, Jews were not truly assimilable.
For that reason, Pasolini doesn't want anything in his film to be assimilable, digestible.