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able to be absorbed and incorporated into body tissues

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However, even as Fishberg promoted the assimilability of Jewish bodies through his anthropological research, his remarks on tuberculosis revealed intermittent doubts about the long-term effects of Jewish assimilation.
Proponents of the Jones and Shafroth bills sought to allay concerns (both spoken and unspoken) about the assimilability of Puerto Ricans.
Although Austin's portrayal of genius as a kind of endless potentiality and variability links it to the democratic project, it also, by the time of her self-help book Everyman's Genius (1925), suggests the term's assimilability to more quietist therapeutic and consumerist logics of abundance.
1) In the post-9/11 period, too, notions of the assimilability of Muslim women and men are intertwined with gendered discourses of neoliberal citizenship and imperial nationalism that are couched in rhetorics of Western modernity, democracy, and the "American way of life.
My point here is that the perception of Asian American assimilation and inclusion, however illusory, has served only to emphasize post-emancipation African America's lack of assimilability in America's racial imagination.
First, in addition to plate XII's assimilability by white, western viewers, the Puritan's poverty and illiteracy presumably preclude his exposure and attendant desensitization to a wide array of potentially disturbing cultural material.
But in Thind's case--unlike Ozawa's--the lawyers for the United States set the boundaries of "whiteness" according to perceptions of assimilability rather than strictly racial categories, using the legacy of missionary discourse to portray Hindus as an utterly alien and therefore unassimilable race.
Consider, for example, the factor of assimilability.
Specifically, I argue that Habib's body was made culturally intelligible within what I call media necropower or contemporary media practices which reconfigure the politics of race and assimilability within the somatechnics of racialised bodies.
The obvious point of this passage is to suggest that Jews are unlike the Chinese with whom they might best be compared on the grounds of their potential assimilability.
78) Presumptions about fitness for membership in the United States have always rested upon ideas about assimilability.
The spectre of eugenics buttressed calls for a test to determine not only the potential assimilability of applicants, but possibly their mental and moral capacity, as well.