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(law) the party who makes an assignment

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The third parties referred to here include not just another assignee of the same claim, but all third parties whose rights are affected by the assignment, most importantly the assignor's general creditors and the assignor's insolvency administrator in its role as representative of the collectivity of the assignor's creditors.
In its first foray into assignor estoppel in Diamond Scientific Co.
(7.) For instance, if an assignor is located in Pennsylvania, a reference in the Convention to the law of the state in which the assignor is located means, inter alia, the U.C.C.
The assignment is a contract under which the assignor (the debtor) transfers all of its right, title, interest in, custody and control of its property to a third-party assignee in trust.
7,918,840 B2; Helena Corneliusson, assignor to SCA Hygiene Products AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
Defendant cross-moved on the ground that plaintiff's assignor had fraudulently procured the insurance policy in question by making a material misrepresentation on her policy application as to her place of residence and the principal location for the garaging of the vehicle which was to be insured.
In Dodge, the court deemed that realization of the assigned right to future income was sufficiently doubtful based on the nature of the assigned right (30 years before assignor's death, assignor orally promised to leave one-half of his estate to assignee if assignor's partner [assignee's father] performed all partnership-related work).
(90.) Unlike Article 12(2) of the Rome Convention, Article 29 does not refer to the term "assignability." While it covers contractual limitations on assignments, it does not cover statutory limitations, since most statutory limitations are designed to protect the assignor rather than the debtor.
* Negligence in breaching the duty of care owed the insurers and their policyholders' employees; $35 billion ($50 million per assignor) plus punitive damages.
Restatement (Second) of Agency, [section]13, Comment b, and [section]14G, Comment a (an agency relationship is created when a principal assigns a chose in action to an assignee for collection and grants the assignee a security interest in the claim against the assignor's debtor, to compensate the assignee for his or her collection efforts).
The assignee must also be aware of state reclamation laws which may provide rights to creditors delivering goods during the period of the assignor's insolvency.
New subsection 727.114(3) explains that a claim arising from rescission of a purchase or sale of a security of the assignor or of an affiliate of the assignor for damages arising from the purchase or sale of the security or for reimbursement or contribution on account of such a claim, shall be subordinated to all claims or interests that are senior to or equal to the claim or interest represented by such security, except for security that is common stock, the claim has the same priority as common stock.
The assignor may be tempted to argue that there was an implied acceptance of the tenant's surrender.
The selected contractor supplies and assembles the dispensers in the relevant offices at the sites of the contracting entity, regardless of the floor, and the lack of a lift is not a reason for refusal to perform the delivery and installation, not later than 5 (five) days from the date of sending a written order for delivery and installation of dispensers on behalf of the assignor.
Plaintiff, a radiology center, commenced this action to recover the sum of $2,659.81 and $912.00 for imaging services it provided to its assignor Yao He Wang.