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(law) the party who makes an assignment

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In order for someone who has allegedly been injured (the assignor or applicant) to be a "covered person" person under Ins.
The doctrine of assignor estoppel prevents an assignor from denying the novelty and utility of a patent that it assigns.
The assignor may be tempted to argue that there was an implied acceptance of the tenant's surrender.
They include collection of the assets of the estate and reducing them to money; conducting an initial examination of the assignor under oath within 30 days; giving notice to creditors; conducting the business of the assignor for limited periods, if appropriate; paying administrative expenses of the estate to the extent that they are reasonable and necessary; keeping regular accounts and furnishing information concerning the estate to parties-in-interest; examining the validity and priority of all claims against the estate; abandoning assets to perfected lien creditors where the estate has no equity; accounting; hiring professionals as necessary; paying dividends as appropriate; and submitting a final report.
Because the debtor/assignor is able to pick the professional assignee, the assignor and the prospective assignee are able to discuss what is likely to happen in the assignment, to negotiate the cost and payment of the assignee's expenses and determine whether the making of an assignment is worth pursing.
Code 1964 (civil RICO); at least $35 billion (treble damages of $150 million for each assignor and $12 billion for property damage and business interruption).
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals used the same logic as Eubank when it ruled that future insurance renewal commissions were taxable to the sales-person-assignor even though the assignor (Hall) transferred the agency contracts (which contained the right to receive the renewal commissions) to his spouse.
7,918,840 B2; Helena Corneliusson, assignor to SCA Hygiene Products AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
The assignment is a contract under which the assignor (the debtor) transfers all of its right, title, interest in, custody and control of its property to a third-party assignee in trust.
In his comprehensive summary of the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade (1) (the Convention), Spiros Bazinas (2) points out correctly that one of the significant features of the Convention is to make subject to the law of the assignor any priority conflict between the assignee of a receivable and third parties claiming an interest in the same receivable, including a trustee in the bankruptcy of the assignor.
Properly executed, a trademark assignment allows the assignee to step into the shoes of the assignor, gaining whatever goodwill the assignor has built up, and whatever priority the assignor has in the mark against others.
So basically, the court implied that if in later judicial proceedin gs the assignor could sufficiently prove that the alleged bribe took place, that would deem the refusal unreasonable despite the proposed assignee's failure to provide its financial data.