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Synonyms for assignment

Synonyms for assignment

the act of distributing or the condition of being distributed

the act of attributing

a piece of work that has been assigned

a making over of legal ownership or title

Synonyms for assignment

the instrument by which a claim or right or interest or property is transferred from one person to another

the act of distributing something to designated places or persons

(law) a transfer of property by deed of conveyance

an undertaking that you have been assigned to do (as by an instructor)

References in classic literature ?
Give me a simple assignment of your debt; acknowledge therein the receipt of the cash, and I will hand you over the money.
The affairs of this debtor were perplexed by a partnership, of which he knew no more than that he had invested money in it; by legal matters of assignment and settlement, conveyance here and conveyance there, suspicion of unlawful preference of creditors in this direction, and of mysterious spiriting away of property in that; and as nobody on the face of the earth could be more incapable of explaining any single item in the heap of confusion than the debtor himself, nothing comprehensible could be made of his case.
Likewise, the matching law would seem to suggest that problem sequence has minimal effect on assignment preferences and choices of subsequent assignments when the same number of long, medium, and short problems is included in each assignment.
This essay establishes the problem, explains a sequence of reflective letter assignments, and shares the discoveries of composition students who completed those assignments.
Respondents reported an increase in all types of assignments in the past three years.
It is a full-time, 28-month program involving a series of high-level rotational assignments, executive workshops, graduate-level educational experiences, and special tasks designed to expand participants' managerial and leadership abilities.
Through a competitive process, candidates, officers at the mid-career point will be selected, assiduously developed, and employed in demanding international and politico-military assignments as international affairs specialists.
The service allows teachers to create courses, generate and maintain data for each section of a course, add or delete students to and from classes, attach reading resources to assignments, including full-text books and articles, and post assignments accompanied by reading materials from Questia's library or elsewhere, in a safe, secure environment.
Through whichever channel a CEO chooses to volunteer, the advantage of having fixed-length assignments in retirement is that they put former executives on the ground solving problems, which in some ways is more satisfying than joining the management of a nonprofit or nongovernmental organization.
In the context of anticipatory assignments, however, the assignor often does not have dominion over the income on receipt.
By purchasing a tape recorder/CD player with a head set, students can be given listening assignments.
The policy allowed inmates to choose their own cell assignments.
Most assignments are viewed simply as a means of sharing the work burden with employees.
When the linebackers fully understand the terminology and assignments on flow to them we are then ready to move on to the concept of flow away or backside assignments.
Student performance in the FFY library component was assessed using graded assignments and a final examination.