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Synonyms for assigning

the act of distributing something to designated places or persons

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He had disentangled the nodes of their intersections, assigning to each its regulated period of flux and reflux.
Now, upon his assigning some duty to his fellow-Professor (it was only the carrying of an aneroid barometer), the matter suddenly came to a head.
Bax's congregations were mainly composed of women, and he was used to assigning them their duties in his innocent clerical campaigns).
Yes, but I can't dismiss him in an instant without assigning reasons, my dear Chettam.
Already chiefs for the games of the day were selecting their pieces and assigning them to positions, though for the principal games these matters had been arranged for weeks before.
There the Abbot, an excellent manager of merchant origin, received Sergius simply and quietly and placed him in Hilary's cell, at first assigning to him a lay brother but afterwards leaving him alone, at Sergius's own request.
On the next day (the ninth of the month) Lady Lydiard sent for her steward, and requested him to explain his conduct in repeatedly leaving the house without assigning any reason for his absence.
She at once informed him that Ferrari had left the palace, without assigning any reason, and without even leaving an address at which his monthly salary (then due to him) could be paid.
They admit variation as a vera causa in one case, they arbitrarily reject it in another, without assigning any distinction in the two cases.