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(law) the party to whom something is assigned (e

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qualified plan by assignees should comply with the exclusive benefit rule if the foreign "home employer" (the organization that transfers assignees) or foreign "host employer" (the organization to which assignees are transferred) is a participating employer or in the same controlled group as one of the participating employers.
In TV7's own morning broadcast, Gen Atanas Atanasov, an MP from the Reformist Bloc heading the security committee in Parliament, said debts had to be "serviced" after all, but added it was interesting to know who assignees are working for, given that "a debt payment scheme has already been offered [by TV7's management].
Those in the telecom, construction or engineering are opting to send assignees to other countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, and Africa.
This access to self-service applications allows HR and line managers to stay connected with assignees and to better understand their critical role in the global mobility lifecycle.
An unnecessarily high bond requirement causes an estate to in cur needless additional cost and may even discourage otherwise qualified assignee candidates from serving as assignees.
Reassurance helps provide guidance and support to assignees with elderly or less able dependents in the UK whilst they are overseas.
This is common when tenants are unable to find assignees.
Assignees are contacted to discuss and determine housing, schools, special needs and to coordinate a pre-move orientation program/survey trip.
Investigating the assignees on the patent documents in a particular field can give insight into which firms are working on areas giving the industry challenges.
The research recommended that organisations link their international mobility strategy to the business strategy, clarify the assignment purpose and understand the objectives of the individual assignees.
The global survey covers more than 100 multinational companies with nearly 17,000 male and female international assignees.
Repeals assignee liability for violations, so long as assignees have policies prohibiting the purchase of high-cost home loans, a requirement that the seller represent and warrant that the loans being purchased are not high-cost home loans and otherwise has exercised due diligence to prevent the purchase of high-cost home loans.
Human resources managers who use electronic data interchange (EDI) for invoicing freight and storage charges for international assignees could save their companies as much as 10 to 20 percent of the total of household goods relocation costs, says Alan Moidel, senior manager, IAS Tax Technology, at Deloitte & Touche.
Such assignments account for 40 per cent of all assignees and those surveyed expect these to grow at an even faster rate in the next two years.