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(law) the party to whom something is assigned (e

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Unfortunately, participation by overseas assignees can jeopardize a plan's qualified status if it causes the plan to violate the exclusive benefit rule or to experience operational failures.
In TV7's own morning broadcast, Gen Atanas Atanasov, an MP from the Reformist Bloc heading the security committee in Parliament, said debts had to be "serviced" after all, but added it was interesting to know who assignees are working for, given that "a debt payment scheme has already been offered [by TV7's management].
108(4) allowed an assignee to conduct the business of the assignor for a limited period of time (up to 14 days) or longer upon notice.
The new Reassurance service was created with the modern assignee in mind; tailored to support, assist and advise in all manners needed to create a situation comfortable for all associated stakeholders.
Common examples include the need to obtain the landlord's prior consent and that the tenant must act as guarantor for the assignee until the assignee transfers its interest in the lease.
These services include moving household goods, language and cultural training, perhaps initial financing of the move, local assistance at the employee's destination to help find a place for the assignee to live, a school for the kids and other various types of assistance (opening bank accounts, obtaining driver's licenses etc.
Investigating the assignees on the patent documents in a particular field can give insight into which firms are working on areas giving the industry challenges.
It is important to focus on the next role to ensure career progression for the returning assignee.
Palisades Collection LLC, assignee of Bank One, vs.
In one case, a court found a landlord's refusal reasonable when it had been shown that the proposed assignee had a brief operating history and sub-par financial statements.
Repeals assignee liability for violations, so long as assignees have policies prohibiting the purchase of high-cost home loans, a requirement that the seller represent and warrant that the loans being purchased are not high-cost home loans and otherwise has exercised due diligence to prevent the purchase of high-cost home loans.
Similarly, a virtual assignee does not relocate, but will manage their international responsibilities from the home country, supplemented by occasional business trips abroad.
The new version also includes product enhancements, such as additional search options in the assignee field, allowing users to search by patent assignee name, patent assignee code, or both; Derwent Manual Codes, which enable users to narrow the focus of a search; and Derwent Primary Accession Number, which allows users to bring searches from other platforms to the web version.
The transfer of a partnership interest gives the recipient only the rights of an assignee under state law.
If the Player, however, subsequently signs a contract with the assignee Club, the Player shall not be eligible to require that Club to assign his contract if the contract executed with the assignee Club covers the next succeeding season.