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legally transferable to the ownership of another

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project future space requirements by gross and assignable square feet.
Plenty of parking is available in this retail strip center and lease is assignable.
The 24-pound instrument is also a four-zone performance controller, complete with four assignable knobs, six assignable sliders, two pedal inputs and pitch and modulation wheels.
Starting at $599, the IN2100 series contains two computer and assignable audio inputs for multiple presenters, security features, and a networking option for easier projector management.
Each port is individually assignable, allowing dosing of up to four different liquids, such as samples, solvents and other auxiliary reagents with burette accuracy and resolution.
According to New Flyer, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has ordered a base quantity of 15 40-foot, low-floor diesel electric buses with assignable options for an additional 15; South Coast Area Transit in Oxnard, CA has ordered eight 40-foot gasoline electric low-floor buses; and the City and County of Honolulu's Department of Transportation Services has ordered a base quantity of 40 40-foot diesel electric buses with assignable options for an additional 40.
When the process goes outside control limits, this indicates the presence of assignable cause variation, which contributes the largest portion of overall variability in an unstable process.
The panel has three independent partitions and 48 user codes, each with assignable authority levels.
The clear writing throughout makes it easily assignable to students.
Other contracts, such as equipment leases, maintenance contracts and the like, may also contain clauses providing for their termination upon assignment, or may not be assumable or assignable.
Many Six Sigma projects have been launched in the rubber industry in order to find assignable causes of variation and take corrective action to improve the efficiency of the process with a reduction in scrap and rework.
Indeed, the magic of music as therapy that can take place in such an assignable hobby space has been well documented.
2] and charts when a single assignable cause process model is considered.
The purpose of this study was to use quality improvement tools to determine any assignable causes that were linked to the workorder system within Housing and to make recommendations to control the causes, therefore improving the quality of the workorder system.
It will detect and show assignable causes that affect all of the cavities simultaneously.