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Synonyms for assign

Synonyms for assign

to set aside or apart for a specified purpose

to set aside or distribute as a share

to regard as belonging to or resulting from another

to ascribe (a misdeed or an error, for example) to

to change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

to appoint and send to a particular place

Synonyms for assign

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The prosodically unmarked position of the pronominal or nominal object to the left of the adverb and the assignability of SA to the participle indicate that projection of wide focus is allowed in (35) (see also Zwart 1997a: 92):
One owner was innovative in arguing that the lease contained a, implied covenant against assignability, but that argument fell on deaf ears.
13) See IRS Letter Ruling 8435154 (6/1/84) (an insurance company requested a ruling on the assignability, of periodic payments outside the scope of Sec.
To permit a "defense that assignability was uncertain would encourage Inducers to take now and pay later, then resort to courts to avoid liability for failing to negotiate.
The stipulation and order provides, among other things, that Cendant and its affiliates agree not to object to the debtors' assignability of the Cendant Agreements.
123, 136 (2008) (explaining that bankruptcy laws codify this principle of free assignability and that "[t]he right to assign valuable contract rights is often what makes a Chapter 11 reorganization feasible because it provides value to the estate and a raison d'etre for the bankruptcy filing"); Peter S.
15) The availability of viatication as an option to terminally ill group life policy holders will depend upon restrictions built into the policy, such as assignability and contestability clauses.
Deep into the nineteenth century, the common law greatly restricted the assignability of choses in action.
European Structured Finance Update: New Law Impacts Assignments of Receivables in the Netherlands, German Court Decision May Impact Assignability of Loan Claims & More