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Synonyms for assiduousness

steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation

Synonyms for assiduousness

great and constant diligence and attention

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This event is a held for innovative freedom from disease and wellness providers, freedom from disease assiduousness leaders, freedom from disease managers, investors, strategic ventures and entrepreneurs etc.
What the introduction above does emphasise, though, is that the make-up of an eighteenth-century London libretto was an arbitrary business, governed by such factors as the balance of power in the administration, the desire of that administration to present a particular image, or even the assiduousness of the theatre copyist preparing the version for the printer; the careful presentation of all those who were truly involved in the season was not a priority, nor, indeed, of interest.
McEwan says his proudest achievements as president and chief executive officer of Canada's second-largest supermarket chain are the early strategy he and his team crafted, the clearness with which it was communicated, and the assiduousness with which it has been executed.
21) Another indicator of the assiduousness of the defense is the nearly unprecedented volume of pretrial motions filed by military defense counsel in the commissions.
Yuill Walker has left no tuft of heather unturned to catalogue the Caledonian connection and you cannot challenge his assiduousness.
Raghunandan and Rama (2007) hypothesize and find a positive relationship between the number of audit committee meetings and the number of board meetings, suggesting that the assiduousness of the main board is reflected in the activities of its sub-committees.
Proponents of Reconstructionism have pursued with particular assiduousness the task of bringing democratic values to bear upon Judaism and of bringing Judaic aspirations into American notions of democracy.
It was the Bolshevik model that was applied and followed with maximum assiduousness, since it endorsed censorship as a fundamental institution of communist regimes rather than as a mere incidental political instrument.
Wood's unusual assiduousness in exploring the potential economic liabilities of marriage for women stems from several factors: She was part of a wealthy, well-connected, close-knit family deeply concerned about her well-being.
Siemerling described as astonishing the assiduousness with which Uhthoff continued his clinical and pathologic-anatomical investigations as well as his extended medical work at the Clinic of Schoeller and his intensive teaching duties.
As the argument unfolds, the picture remains in soft focus in spite of the assiduousness with which Karina von Lindeiner conducts her research.
One of the more shocking pieces of evidence in Life after Welfare is the assiduousness with which social service agencies hound former welfare recipients who were overpaid accidentally or paid in error after they were no longer eligible.
David Ehrenfeld called this belief, that we can put things back in order with assiduousness, greater scientific knowledge and technological know how, the "arrogance of humanism.
The daring theatricality of Maclise's painting, which astonished and impressed many viewers, was specifically distasteful to critics who preferred textual assiduousness rather than staginess in pictorial quotations from literary texts.
If I counted the fat content in every pudding with any greater assiduousness I wouldn't have time to go to work.