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insert a sibilant sound before or after (another sound)

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change into a sibilant

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In Taiof /t/ assibilates to [ts] before /i/ and /d/ to [dz] before /i u/, with an optional posteriorization to [t[?
Type C languages (in which /t/ assibilates before /i/ and (if present) /j/) are listed in (19).
Hittite [19a] and Dutch [19b]) /t/ assibilates before /i/, but /j/ either does not occur at all or it does exist but it never surfaces after /t/ (as in 10c).
44) Language type Type E' Ranking *tj >> {*ti, *dj} >> Ident-stri >> *di Effect t, d assibilate before j; t assibilates before i
In the final row of (44) it can be seen that the ranking for Type E' describes a 'mixed' system in the sense that it captures two separate processes, namely one that assibilates/t d/before/j/and the other that assibilates /t/ before /i/.
Besides the posteriorization process in (45a)-(45b), English has a separate process that assibilates /t/ to [s] before/i/.
alveolar stops do not assibilate at all (= [6d] + [5a], [6d] + [5b], [6d] + [5c], [6d] + [5d]).
The data in (12) show that /t d/ assibilate to [ts dz] before /i/ and /j/.
In (13a) it can be observed that /t d/ assibilate to [ts dz] before /i/.
The additional examples in (14b) (Ioana Chitoran, personal communication, November 2004) illustrate that /t d/ assibilate before certain [i]initial suffixes.