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insert a sibilant sound before or after (another sound)

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change into a sibilant

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According to Carlton (1990: 114) Proto-Slavic *t and *d assibilated in the various daughter languages before *j, e.
Indo-European *t assibilated to a (posterior) affricate before /i j/ in Hittite (see 19a), e.
Hyslop 2001: 31) but it is not clear from the discussion in this work whether or not /d/ was present at the point in time when /t/ assibilated.
shows, this constraint alone is not sufficient for an account of assibilation processes, since every assibilated output involves more articulatory effort than a nonassibilated one.
Greek [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of this period was probably slightly assibilated anyway (as it is, e.